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The Luck Continues!!

February 15, 2011

Recently I entered a Teefury giveaway, I entered via 3 websites, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. And I won on two of those XD

Maybe its cos it was a LOST related… and karma knew how much I love LOST. But winning on 2 out of 3 platforms is pretty damn awesome right? Won on the 11th of february, and they arrived today, 4 days from America is pretty damn awesome too!! Nice surprise when my throat is being such a bitch XD evil cough too…

I didn’t expect more than the WWJLD/DUDE stickers lol, so twas a really nice surprise to find more 😀 Jimiyo‘s art is pretty damn awesome 😀

If you wanna be in with a chance to win cool stuff like I did, go ‘Like’ the Teefury facebook page. My luck from last year seems to be continuing. Which is nice. Hopefully this is just the beginning… since January was made awesome, February is already awesome(Russel Howard & Chris Addison, and next month is MATTHEW FOX!!!(LOST ;D) I could totally give him one of the stickers…….omg…. I wanna get my LOST Encyclopedia signed so badly…… *ahem* yes… just so happens the day I see In the Forest, Dark and Deep is the day Pokemon Black and White come out O_O the universe is so unkind to me XD

LOST Madness Bracket

April 2, 2010

Found at the wonderful ‘FUCK YEAH LOST‘, I felt compelled to fill it in lol… there were a few ways I coulda done it… by chara, hotness, dead/alive etc. But I chose to go with my choices. My favourites. Governed mainly by character personality/character importance I think… Pained me to do so on some of em…

Tried to find a font closest to the original as I could...

I could explain my reasoning… and I think I might, though I should be playing Pokemon right now… need/want to hit 50 hours before 1:30pm tomorrow, (exactly a week from when I began playing SoulSilver.) Below the cut is the reasoning behind my choices. I’ll be going left to right, in rounds to make it slightly easier lol… Some spoilers for those who’ve never seen LOST before. Beware 🙂


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