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Autumn Season TV – Constantine (Spoilers)

October 28, 2014

I’m trying quite a few of the new season shows. Things like Scorpion and Gotham have already dug their heels in and are on my list for as long as they air. But there are plenty of other shows I’m still undecided on, and some I love unconditionally, but don’t see lasting. T-T Yesterday we tried Constantine.

So this is the guy playing Constantine. I think this guy looks better with brown hair.

So this is the guy playing Constantine. I think this guy looks better with brown hair.


Lost Encyclopedia (Spoilers desu)

October 23, 2010

When it costs £10 instead of £20. And for a bigass hardback like this. I couldn’t say no. Specially with the Lost-shaped void in my life after it ended XD.  Twas a preorder technically lol.

Pretty dustjacket. But not as pretty as the proper hardcover.



April 7, 2010

Just got through watching episode 11 of the final season. JESUS that was some good shit right there. Pretty much all Alt-verse BUT in such a good-good way……. a seriously good way. GAWD I can’t wait till next week. And I just HAD to vent somewhere, so where better? Haha. Seriously… omg…..just…. I love it… I don’t wanna say anything remotely spoilery… but I do… might do under the cut…. this won’t be long anyways haha. (Added the (1) on the title in case this becomes a week occurance. There are only 7 eps left after all… *sob*…)


LOST Madness Bracket

April 2, 2010

Found at the wonderful ‘FUCK YEAH LOST‘, I felt compelled to fill it in lol… there were a few ways I coulda done it… by chara, hotness, dead/alive etc. But I chose to go with my choices. My favourites. Governed mainly by character personality/character importance I think… Pained me to do so on some of em…

Tried to find a font closest to the original as I could...

I could explain my reasoning… and I think I might, though I should be playing Pokemon right now… need/want to hit 50 hours before 1:30pm tomorrow, (exactly a week from when I began playing SoulSilver.) Below the cut is the reasoning behind my choices. I’ll be going left to right, in rounds to make it slightly easier lol… Some spoilers for those who’ve never seen LOST before. Beware 🙂


Seriously – How awesome is this Just Cause 2 LOST easter egg?

March 25, 2010

My brother linked this to me when he was awake at 7:23 in the morning for some insane reason lol, OMG its awesome. And the music… I can’t think of a TV series with a score that I love more than LOST, animated or otherwise…

I would spend soooooooo long just running round that island… I really should buy the LOST game, but theres no point atm, not with Pokemon out TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!

Otaku? (+ some not-so-random bishies)

February 24, 2010

You don't get it right? Thats cos only hardcore, obsessive fans would. Don't argue with me on that. (This is one of the many epic designs from Detour Design on Cafepress, click to go there.)

Now, I thought ‘otaku’ was just a word for someone who is obsessed with something, yes it’s more commonly connected to anime/manga etc, but thats not the proper-proper use, is it? In Japanese its a word for someone with an obsession for a certain area(there are other meanings I’m aware of too, its also a suffix like -san/-dono/-chan etc which I wasn’t as aware of lol), but some still want to use it just for anime/manga/eroge obsessions. After becoming a fan of anime/manga when I was 13(I think…) I wasn’t really aware of the use of otaku at all, why would I be? I live in a country that once wrote off most Japanese cartoons as pornographic thanks to Urotsukidoji lol. That was then though, this is now. Much more accepting of it… I think lol.
I’ve always been… easy to get obsessed with something, when I was ickle, it was Dalmatians, thanks to 101 Dalmatians. Favourite Disney movie of all time, and will remain that way, for mostly sentimental reasons I think lol. But that lasted with me, and still is with me now really, until I was 9 or so, when Pokemon arrived, and Pokemon is still with me now lol, can’t wait for Soul Silver to come out!! Am soooo tempted to import… even though there’s only a couple of weeks in between US & UK releases… still seems unfair that we have to wait…


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