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Out tomorrow – Work……

July 18, 2008

Apparantly I got it wrong, I thought I was working on sunday, not saturday. Could have been alot worse if I didnt check a few hours ago online… I’m safe thank god…. but it’s still annoying…. Cos I’m sure that my Petit Tsukasa Hiiragi-chan Nendoroid will arrive tomorrow as I ordered it on Wednesday night and it was shipped on Thursday around about 2pm. But because I have to be at work for 9am, I’m probably not gonna be there…. which makes me….

I’m hoping I’ll be lucky, and the postman might be early…. but if not….. I’ll have to wait till I get home at like 5:30pm….. Then I might be going out to the Cinema to see ‘The Mist’ (Yay Stephen King!!) Either way. Annoyed and grumpy that I’m at work tomorrow and not sunday, but…

…happy I’ll be getting another Petit Nendoroid tomorrow!!(Hopefully! If not, they’ll be hell to pay Mr Postman!!) See you all after I get back from work!!

(The pics are from Chi’s Sweet Home, if you hadn’t seen the previous post, and if your wondering, I work at the oh-so-wonderful McDonalds!!!)

More from my recent goodies

July 13, 2008

Cos the blog had a major fit when I added extra stuff to the previous post, I’ve decided to just add another post, tis less fuss. I copied the stuff which I added, makes it easier for me lol.

I didnt buy the Lucky Star Petit Nendoroids blind pack, you could choose on the site which you got. I picked Kagami, cos I wuv her, and the pretty one with pink hair(cos she was my free one!!!)

Once again, sorry for my crap camera….That there be a photo of my 1/6th Asuka, from 2005 or sometime…. quite old. But big. And pretty. And good value. And NOT fake lol. Twas from a UK ebay seller after all. This purchase wasn’t part of my great debit card haul. I just couldn’t resist and used my mums paypal account once again lol. You can see that her dress is translucent so you can make out her blue pantsu. She came with 2 faces and 2 hair styles and 2 arms. Very good value for £18($36) I think….


Online Loot (Haruhi get!!)

July 13, 2008

Just a very quick update before I got to work,(Balalalala) will update when I get home.(in bout 9 hours)

Yes I know my camera is bad, I'm the one who has to use it lol

Yes I know my camera is bad, I'm the one who has to use it lol


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