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My New Room

September 26, 2009

You may remember seeing my room at uni last year, if you don’t the recap/comparison is here. But last week, the 20th to be exact, I moved into my new living quarters for the next year. The room is WAY bigger than I thought it’d be lol.

Ready to enter my new paradise? (Yah, thats on the outside of the door :grin:)

Ready to enter my new paradise? (Yah, thats on the outside of the door :grin:)


New light, New set up

February 21, 2009


Today I caved and got the light from Argos, £9.97, max height 52cm, an angle poisey affair. I went and got some bulbs from the pound shop near the market, no daylight bulbs sadly, I’ll need to find one/some from somewhere… I don’t think ordering light bulbs online would be the best idea though, ne?

I got some pretty papers for backgrounds too. And a plain yellow bit, since it would look great with Chie. And it does. Right??


GSC Lucy Maria Misora – GET!!!

August 6, 2008

I got her!!! I finally got her!!!! She arrived today!! The site I ordered her from shipped her yesterday at about 1pm-ish!!! Looks like she was sorced from France going by the label on the back of the box. I am sooooo grateful to UP1! It might have taken up to 28 days!!! But I only ordered her last week! And here she is!!! Bigger than I thought too. Almost the same height as MF Haruhi. Taller than Konomi though, no suprises there, I think everyone of my standing PVC figures are taller that my little Konomi lol. (Oh, btw, I’m back lol)

Pretty box. Very pretty. The ‘Venus Idol Project AquaPlus Edition’ thing is very cute. (Was that on all boxes?) I looked on the AT-G site to see what it was all about. They’re (co-)responsible for the really cute To Heart mini figures. In that set theres a mini version of the GSC Konomi(that DannyChoo has) and a mini GSC Komaki, along with other little cuties, but not Lucy….


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