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Danny Choo @ SOAS

April 14, 2010

I was sitting here to begin with, but moved before the talk started 🙂

Last night, as many of you may know, Danny Choo gave a talk on creative industries in Japan, at SOAS, the School of Oriental and African Studies, (where he got his degree in Japanese 🙂 ) And, as many of you may know, I got to go! lol. I will try and keep the fangirly flailing to a minimum ^_^; but this was pretty much on the same level as meeting Misha Collins/seeing David Tennant live. Danny has had such a big impact on my life, consciously or otherwise lol. I still blame him for me wanting to buy loads of figures hehe. And is where I first found Chie Yoshioka too… my wallet still cries for its lost brethren… so much lost… but so much gained 😀 (More pics n stuff below the cut.)


Dekimashita!!! + Fake Eyes & More

May 19, 2009

Today is a good day. A very good day. I fixed my laptop. I had to partially factory restore it from a HD partition, sure, but I did it, after hours of faffing and looking for other solutions. But it was the only way that I could ever move files from one folder to another again… and all because I saved a stupid game in the program files folder and not a folder of its own….

Very cute, but kinda evil, Vista-tan. Perfect for Vista really. Beware, 4.8mb in size. Just warning ya's.

Very cute, but kinda evil, Vista-tan. Perfect for Vista really. Beware, 4.8mb in size. Just warning ya's.

 Much more below the cut. Sherlock Holmes. Fake eyes. Underwear. You name it lol. (more…)

My Quest for Mabel + Dr Horrible

May 4, 2009

Some of you may remember, my post about Mabel in early Febuary, but as a reminder, heres a pic.


The pic of course comes from the Leeke World site. (Need to get some red/brown eyes for her, you get random acrylic eyes when you buy her.)


Dollfie (of my) Dreams & 200th post

February 9, 2009

Before I start on about dollfies and such, I’ll just say this :woot: 200 posts!


And onto to the dollfieness! Since 2006, when I saw them in Japanorama, I’ve wanted a BJD. I’ve always been horrified by the prices. BUT, now, I’m gonna put that behind me. All of the dollfie stuff on DannyChoo has been encouraging my dollfie wants… And I’ve got a friend who was doing it too…. Kept sending me links to various sites I could buy them… started out with british sites and I ended up on LeeKeWorld. (They do ship to the UK.) I’ve been sorely tempted by the Dollfie Dreams, but I’ve realised that the normal, hauntingly beautiful BJD’s are what I want. Ones like Aquilla has.


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