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June London Trip :3

June 24, 2010

TAIYAKI! Finally I got to try some XD

Had an awesome time with Purplezest. Got some awesome lootage too. It was kinda, unintentionally a Japanese-themed trip XD, all the stuff we ended up doing/seeing hehe, didn’t get to the Namco center though, one giant arcade seemed like enough somehow XD Had much fun spotting Pudding too 🙂 And we saw a guy on the tube who looked scarily like Robert Downey Jr… XD


Magazines + Yummies

February 15, 2009


Went out earlier for milk and Jamaican Ginger Cake(very specific brand lol, otherwise it just ain’t the same.) and since my friend had mentioned magazines, I thought I’d go on the hunt for something I’d like too. There was Total Film, which she had got, she usually goes for Empire though, but they didn’t have it. As you can see, I ended up with 2. SFX, due to the Lost, Supernatural, Dr Who and major geek contents, and DVD Monthly, from october lol, but I always check through before I buy(as most people do I assume) and there was a variety of stuff that caught my eye.


Kotobukiya Aegis 1/8th Figure {Persona 3}

February 7, 2009


Now on HLJ it says this is a 1/7th scale figure, she seems too small to be 1/7th, I’d say 1/8th, I even calculated it, 162cm(the real height) divded by 20cm(figure height), which is 8.1. Making it 1/8th scale. It only says 1/7th on HLJ though, not on the box… I’m needlessly obsessing over this lol. Right. Stopped. She’s made from a combo of ABS and PVC, feels like its more ABS that PVC frankly, lighter thats for sure, but stronger.


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