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60,000 views! Arigatou Gozaimashita!!

July 14, 2009

Yesterday, before midday I think, my counter hit 60,000. Twas the next benchmark! :woop: I *think* the next one shall be 100k. Since 80k seems too soon… 60,000 hits in 366 days.(Leap year lol, close enough.) Twas an average of 164 hits a day.

Some more Chie!!

Some more Chie!!

 So thank you! I didn’t post this yesterday cos I’d already posted 2 things yesterday, and it seemed a bit like overkill lol.

Chie Yoshioka MaCoPIX Desktop Mascot – The Making of…

March 13, 2009


Thats just something I whipped up in animation shop quickly. Just to show you the cuteness without having to video my desktop lol.

More stuff about how I made her below. Was influenced by the wonderful Mirai desktop girl by SG.


Chiemi’s Bio

March 4, 2009

People requested background info! I give you background info! lol

Born – 8th of April 4/8/19-ひみつ Age – ひみつ!!
Hometown – Outo, Currently resides in Hanshin (lol)
Favourite Colours – Green, pink and purple & rainbows!
TV – Friends, Scrubs, 90210, Lost
Anime – To Heart/2, Supergals, Cardcaptors
Manga – Cardcaptor Sakura, other Clamp stuff. Sand Chronicles
Movie – Clueless, Better off Dead, Kevin Smith stuff
Book – JPod, other Douglas Couplands, His Dark Materials, City of Ember etc
Game – Tekken 3, Persona 3

Current favourite song – Kimi ni, Mune Kyun by Yuu Kobayashi.

(More below, origins and personality etc etc)


B&W Mascot art + the name…

March 3, 2009

Just sketches and stuff that I’ve been doing absent-mindedly. Testing stuff. Different outfits… etc etc..

devil-mascot-copy-copyWanted to do an outfit with some sort of corset/fitted bustier thing. And this is what came out lol. (Not the one in the middle obviously…) The wings arn’t hers, they’re built onto the back of the bustier. 4 flaps of material for the skirt, a weird-ass collar thing, with loose sleeve-type bits of my material… Cuffs… I like cuffs, the playboy bunny kind of cuffs. Shoe wise she needs something cooler lol.


Freeing Nagi + Mascot + Shinkai Day

February 28, 2009
I checked to see if final pics of the Freeing Kannagi had been released again today, and yayness! They had! They can all be viewed here on the Hobbysearch site. There are some of the pics in the rest of this post.
More of my mascot. More outfits. More playing about. I'm sure I'll have her cosplay sometime. Still no name sadly...

More of my mascot. More outfits. More playing about. I'm sure I'll have her cosplay sometime. Still no name sadly...

I need to sort out the eyes…(smaller or bigger…. It’s so hard!!! Gah….) and if she has a nose…. I prefer drawing the faces if they’re slightly facing one side or the other… so you can define the nose easier…


Mascot Promarker Trials

February 19, 2009


The colours after being scanned are a little… duller… the hair is more yellowy-blonde on paper. Might be my screen though. I dunno…
The uniform on the right hand side looks better on paper, the skirt and top arn’t so similar lol. Tops more bluey and the skirts more lilacy. And I’m not great at feet… feet are a weakness… like hands… though I’m getting better at hands.
 I might… attempt a Mirai+Haruka fanart…. all depends lol

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