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Unplanned absences from laptops are NOT fun. But Pokemon will be :D

March 25, 2010

Living without internet I could have easily tolerated for a week, but being without my laptop for the week as well… painful…. I could have been marathoning various TV series I needed to catch up on…. but no… because hospitals have sucky security, and no real lockers or anything for patients, I had to live for 9/10 days without my Baby… I survived on magazines and NDS mainly(so wished I had a PSP lol, cudda watched vids then at least). And read the end of Breaking Dawn finally on my last day on lockdown haha. Disappointed by the end a bit lol. Too happy. Wanted some proper bloodshed & main character death… too much to ask? Twas meant to be a vamp novel after all… Anyways, the only upside to this was it whittled away 1 more week of waiting for Pokemon Soul Silver to be released in the UK.

Officially its just one day away from release… 1 day….. I can’t feckin’ wait…. I really can’t…. Silver was probably my favourite of the series… possibly Yellow… but cos Silver had Johto AND Kanto it just made it so much more awesome… and the Pokewalker… omg the Pokewalker…. one of the cutest, sweetest most adorable bits of tech I’ve ever laid eyes on….. I can’t wait… I’m just so bloody excited for it… spose kids from our generation (were around the age of 10 when the games were released) will always, or should always, be excited about the release of new Pokemon games. How can you not be really? I mean really? They’re epic. And undeniably brilliant. To be able to basically repeat the same thing over and over and still rock like hell is immense. You can’t deny it!!!!

You can’t not sing along. You just can’t. And if you don’t, to at least the 1st one, YOU HAVE NO SOUL!! Battle Frontier is when the opening themes go really down hill. But all before are very singalongable hehe. Even the ‘Pokemon Chronicles’ op theme lol. Much prefer the english themes I gotta say, surprising really, usually dubbed themes suck ass, but I spose Pokemon does have the edge of nostalgia other stuff doesn’t have hehe.

(Audio only, no title sequences, but it has all the openings, even the brand new one I’ve seen nothing of lol.)

Very unexpectedly, the Saturday before last, I left my room about 9:30am, and didn’t go back till the Monday of the next week at 4pm-ish… 13th to the 22nd… I won’t bore with the complete gory details, but I ended up visiting the urgent care clinic to see why my stomach was hurting so bad the whole night before, they thought it was appendicitis, sent me to A&E, who also thought it was appendicitis, who then sent me to the Leicester General hospital, who finally decided it was just a Crohns flair up after an x-ray & CT scan lol. I spent a fairly-pleasant 4 days with some nice people I got to know, until being turfed to a different ward full of gomers on the wednesday, was meant to be a ward for the kinda thing I got (Crohns) but it was filled with barely compus-mentus extremely elderly, which was unbelievably depressing. No one to talk to, no internet, not even a phone decent enough to tweet & see replies on… It made me feel worse. Not that hospitals seem like a place you get better in… just makes you feel worse… specially on a place like ward 1…. *shudder* possibly the most depressing experience of my life, and a pointed to just how naff Crohns can really be. Has been pretty damn tolerable before now after diagnosis. I don’t plan to go back to hospital any time soon if I can bloody well help it…

Met a few other people with crohns though, we all seem to be fussy eaters… whether or not its a cause or a symptom we don’t know, but none of us like onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and various other icky veggies and stuff. Onions and tomatoes are meant to be irritants  for us anyways hehe.

Just 1 more day…. 1 more day… god I love Pokemon… I do… everytime a new game, or even just one of the remakes is released, it reminds me how much I love it lol. And how much I wanna rewatch some of the TV series and movies. And then all the rest of the series from when I was younger…. Digimon, Medabots, Beyblade, Moomins etc etc etc… all the main faddy ones with toys/games attached to the series though, couldn’t get enough lol. Yugioh I liked, but not nearly as much as the monster/robot related ones hehe. Damn Beyblade was awesome… spinning tops…. so simple… but so brilliant… battling spinning tops lol. And Medabots, by god I loved the online-gamey site thing, never got to play one of the games or read the original manga though… yet…*sob*… Digimon, well you should know how I feel about Digimon lol hehe.

How many hours have we been watching???!!! :faints:

August 27, 2008

I have yet to work that out…. but I’ve worked out(approxamatly)how many episodes, OVA’s and anime movies I have watched over the years, starting with the Moomins on BBC2 in the morning when I was about 6. The full list can be found here, on a new page I made(called Anime Watch List), easier access than a blog post I thought.

The pic I've used for a wallpaper that I'm currently using.
The pic I’ve for my current wallpaper.

Isn’t Haruka-chan just lovely?!! So lovely…..

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