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My Moekana Five-a-day – Ta Te Sa Ke E

September 19, 2014
Lookit the cuteness

Lookit the cuteness (click to enlarge)

So I recently, well, not that recently, but in the last 2 months or so, acquired a set of Moekana, and Moekanji, AND the booster pack. Cos my friend didn’t know which one was which… so I got them all… XD And I’ve been trying to memorise the hiragana first. I started out by doing 5 or so a day, and adding more cards as I went along. The ‘kakikukeko’ method is all well and good for speaking, but they’re not always gonna be in order when you’re reading them or writing them. So I mix them up :3

And I will be posting 5 cards a day on my blog and trying to make as many words as I know/vaguely recognise from anime or drama or anything.

Todays are; ta te sa ke e.

た タ ta
て テ te
さ サ sa
け ケ ke
え エ e
I’m not concentrating on the katakana so much at the moment. Cause I wanna get the hiragana first. Then theres the world of pain which is kanji… *shudder*

For this selection I got…..
さけ sake
たえて taete – endured/endure/withstand/enduring/withstood
けさ kesa – this morning
さえて saete – clearheaded
てえ Te – want, wish, wants
さて sate – now, well, okay, so

‘Saete’ is something I’ve heard I think, could have been saiite… or sa iiko….
‘Sake’ is a fairly obvious one. But the others… I’d need to see/hear being used in a sentence to fully get their meaning. Little help? Also please inform me if any of those words are wrong. Google translate isn’t that clever yet..

Creative Industries in Japan: an audience with Danny Choo – And I get to go!!!!

April 8, 2010

Click the image to go to where I got this pretty piccy 🙂

So who else is going??!! (If you have absolutely no idea what I’m on about, check here & here first lol.) Yatta!!! I thought I wouldn’t be able to, cos when I first checked, train ticket prices were high, and I’m *trying* to save money. BUT after I talked with my dad bout it today he thought it’d be a good idea!! The mingling with like minded folk, making connections in the right places and all that jazz. Either way, it means I CAN GO!!! :WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO: Details about said event are all here. And more info on Danny Choo’s post too.

Its taking place here, at the Brunei Gallery on the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. In the lecture hall, which, far as I can tell, is this!!!

I wonder where I should sit...

Or if we get designated seats? Will have to see. 🙂

Super-super stoked. Am even gonna get some business cards made up for it!! Not sure exactly what they’ll have on… illustrator… blogger….graphic designer? Not the last one I think… Chie will be on it probably, as she’s recognisably linked with me forever haha. I have a few days, can get em printed in Norwich or somewhere. Or over the weekend, depends where I go really. Online order really isn’t an option at this point hehe. Wish I’d asked my dad if I could go earlier… bah… BUT I do get to ride First Class on the way there!!! It was like £1-2 more than normal, so I thought why the hell not?!? Thank god for the 16-25 Railcard haha.

Chie Yoshioka MaCoPIX Desktop Mascot – The Making of…

March 13, 2009


Thats just something I whipped up in animation shop quickly. Just to show you the cuteness without having to video my desktop lol.

More stuff about how I made her below. Was influenced by the wonderful Mirai desktop girl by SG.


Tare-Danny Tshirt Arrival!!

December 11, 2008

Today, for the 4th day running, I got another package!! I wonder if Nono will come tomorrow… doubt it… lol My brothers other dvd might come tomorrow though.

Tsuruya-san wonders what could be inside.... (Notice scrambled address lol)

Tsuruya-san wonders what could be inside.... (Notice scrambled address lol)

In this package was however, not a dvd, not a figure, not cosplay, but a tshirt! The most cutest awesomest tshirt in da world su!! Cuter than any tshirt I owned before! Designed by the lovely Chun! (Zazzle shop here!)


I went with the traditional white, I was worried the printing wouldn’t look as good on black, otherwise I would have got black lol. It’s a ‘ Basic American Apparel ‘  medium, mens, since I would have had to get an XL in womens to make it long enough…:sulk: Turns out, medium mens is still too big…. and I checked the measurements and everything lol. It’s not too-too big though. Can be worn out and not look like a pajama top lol.  More pics below….one of me modelling it too…


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