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New Who – 3 hours & counting…

April 3, 2010

Because I have a darling TARDIS model, makes the noise & everything, way better than the money bank version, and I have many figures, toys, plastic things, I thought I’d have a play. In honor of the beginning of season 5 of Doctor Who, with Matt Smith as the new Doctor(THE DOCTOR, thats his name, NOT ‘Dr Who’ really pisses me off when even folks in the media can’t get it right *sigh*…) and Karen Gillan as the new companion AND most importantly to me, Steven Moffat as the new head writer!! :WOOOOP:. Lost one Scot, gained 2 others, not all bad, but I wish the Doc was Scottish lol. One day… And if you don’t know what Doctor Who is, FOR SHAME! And proceed here forthwith.

Borrowed my brother Yuki for this, regretting leaving all my Figma at my uni accomodation now lol.


Petit Tsukasa-Get!!

July 23, 2008

I now have 3 Petit Nendoroids!!(Arn’t they just gorgeous?!) And I’m already desperate for more!! I know I shouldn’t…. because I’ve got Haruhi DVD’s to buy…. and other stuff, plus I need spending money for when I go to Stratford upon Avon to see Hamlet(DAVID TENNANT AND PATRICK STUART!!! WOOOOO)

Haruhi and Konomi-chan say Hi too.



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