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Girls and Dakimakura – Hen jya nai?

March 25, 2009


(Now I just wanna check, hennai, I hear it alot in anime, usually meaning weird/strange…. is that the right spelling?)

Now, onto today subject! Dakimakura’s! And girls owning them! Think its weird? Not bothered? Like the idea?


Clannad Game Error – DirectSound. /SOLVED/

November 16, 2008

Loha! I’m in need of some assistance…. yesterday, Clannad was working fine. The music was all working, the translation patch was all working, it was a-ok. Today, I load it up, and before even the title screen has appeared, this pops up;


Since my Japanese reading aint that great yet, I have next to no clue what the error is. All I can read is a file name, which I found in the BGM folder, and the DirectSound thing. Does anyone know what this error is and how I can rectify it? Has anyone else encounted the DirectSound error? This little window also pops up after the title/menu has appeared, when I click the load/settings etc. Says another sound can’t work or something… and that sucks… cause the music is a big part of this game… or it is for me at least…

So please…. help me… I just wanna be able to finally play the game that the wonderful-wonderful anime came from…

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