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Moefication Marathon

July 23, 2009


Tomorrow, I’m gonna do my best to pollute another with the miracle that is moe. I already got him watching anime a few years back, but he needs moe. He’s missing out on Clannad and Kannagi, stuff like Sky Girls and Strike Witches. Theres so much he hasn’t seen. Sadly he is one of the many who fell to the blunt edged sword that is Naruto. Bleach too, but Bleach is better than Naruto, I actually watched the whole first season without turning it off lol.

The deal I made to get him to watch the stuff I prefer was that I would in turn, watch the stuff he prefers. So that means stuff like Naruto, FMA(am indifferent to FMA really), Desert Punk probably, and not sure if Bleach will be part of the marathon, since he knows I’ve seen some before. The Naruto torture will be worth exposing him to the greatness that is Clannad, Haruhi, Kannagi and many others, not all moe and girly stuff mind. Will be fun. And will go on a while. Below are the majority of what I plan to expose him to. Might be a few more from the new season. Depends.


Trying Bleach

July 12, 2008

I’m finally trying out some anime that I thought I wouldn’t like, like Naruto, and, if you couldn’t tell, Bleach. I was lucky enough to find Bleach and Naruto season 1 part 1’s for just £12.90 for both.(Thats $26 and 2700 yen).

My friend has been plugging Bleach and Naruto for a while now. (He’s fallen for Naruto big-time.) I watched some Naruto first but skipped to Bleach. I’ve watched the 1st 2 episodes now, and it’s better than I thought it’d be. I don’t have any urge to turn Bleach off, so thats good right? I like Ichigo-kun’s family. They seem, like him, freaky, but in a good way. I actually feel like I want to keep watching. Which means I’ll have to hunt down the season 1 part 2 for a reasonable price. I gotta save money for the Haruhi Special Edition DVD’s and a Figma Kagami though. Ah the life of an otaku……tis but an expensive one.

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