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What My Top 10 Actors Say

November 14, 2009

Ok.. I couldn’t do just 5… it was friggin’ impossible!! I couldn’t leave one off without feeling bad…. Though there are 11 I can think of, properly favourite, so one was kicked. Who? I won’t say, cos I still feel bad…

(Literally ALL the eye of the tigers have embedding disabled… so looks like you’ll have to go to yt anyways… evil.. but I supplied the HD one above, so its easy to find lol.

Now, the only one I put in order is Tennant, cos he is my all time favourite, and that will NEVER change. Unless a taller awesome scottish guy comes along. Who’s a more accessable age lol. The rest are in no particular order.


Wishing to be at the London Film & Comic Con this weekend…

July 19, 2009
Now, alot of men couldn't pull off the 'slightly-too-short-trousers' look, but he totally can. Check out those ankles!! :wolf whistle: lol

(This is Peter Facinelli for those who don't know)Now, alot of men couldn't pull off the 'slightly-too-short-trousers' look, but he totally can. Check out those ankles!! :wolf whistle: lol

GAWD why don’t I pay more attention to the convention circuits!!!??? This year I have so far missed out on David Morrissey(His dance to ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’ by Nancy Sinatra WITH Tennant is just bliss!!! He’s also the guy who shudda been the next Doctor after Tennant…Not this young Matt Smith guy…far too young…for my taste at any rate.. at least 30 plz!) at CollectorMania Midlands, in April, there were a fair few actors/actresses at this convention that I like, 2 from Being Human, folks from Star Wars, Indiana Jones…


Castle – New Fillion!!

May 5, 2009

I was gonna write this a while ago, like, after the 2nd or 3rd episode, but I got sidetracked, and lazy. So I’m doing it now!! Just after I’ve watched the 9th episode of a 10 episode series. 10 episodes!! It’s not enough… Thankfully I have Dr Horrible which I’m pretty much watching/listening to everyday lol, and 2 guys a girl and a pizza place. Will satisfy my Fillionitus. Theres not enough JDM about though… not easily available anyways… JDMSchool means a daily injection of JDM goodness.

The titles. Love it.

The titles. Love it.

Must… get… back… on…track… Castle is like a combo of Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote and CSI. Which for me, is BRILLIANT. Cos I love the cheesy murder mysteries they show on daytime TV, this isn’t one of them, but because its combined some of my favourite elements. And its got the bonus of having Nathan Fillion in it. Granted, I decided to watch solely because of his part. But I always love it when things turns out to be really entertaining, like Castle.


My Quest for Mabel + Dr Horrible

May 4, 2009

Some of you may remember, my post about Mabel in early Febuary, but as a reminder, heres a pic.


The pic of course comes from the Leeke World site. (Need to get some red/brown eyes for her, you get random acrylic eyes when you buy her.)


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