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Robin Sparkles “Lets Go to the Mall” [HIMYM]

May 16, 2009

If you haven’t ever seen any How I met your Mother, you are missing out. Missing out so much!! Most people in the UK haven’t heard of it cos when it was aired a few years back, it was right after Malcom in the Middle, even I didn’t pick up on it back then. I saw it in 2007 very-very late night during the summer holidays, and loved it. To bits. Immediatly went out and bought it on dvd. Watched it. Alot. Then bought/imported(since its not available in the UK) season 2. Went on to download season 3, then buy. And watch season 4 as it was being shown in the USA.

So, onto the title of this entry, Robin Sparkles, in season 2, its revealed that in Robin’s past, she was a canadian teen pop star. Her first video is below for your entertainment.

It was featured in the Slap Bet episode. I LOVE that episode. Slap Bets are awesome. See below!


My Quest for Mabel + Dr Horrible

May 4, 2009

Some of you may remember, my post about Mabel in early Febuary, but as a reminder, heres a pic.


The pic of course comes from the Leeke World site. (Need to get some red/brown eyes for her, you get random acrylic eyes when you buy her.)


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