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Kotobukiya Nono Nekomiya ~Yotsunoha~ 1/6th PVC Figure Review

December 16, 2008

Today I recieved my Nono Nekomiya from Forbidden Planet which I ordered.

Much packaging... much much packaging... air pockets and polystyrene.

Much packaging... much much packaging... air pockets and polystyrene.

She cost £25 including shipping. She’s a figure I’ve been wanting ever since her release was announced. And I’d even seen the anime OVA(which was based on a visual novel called Yotsunoha) before I saw the figure! Unlike alot of my purchases, like Corti, Chie, Miko, Pec etc. Getting her was a nice pick-me-up for today, since I’d been feeling fairly crappy since last night. (Might be the nuggets… might be the Chrons… :shrugs: either way, I feel uber-tired and wrong.)


Isn’t she just sooo pretty? And the outfit, sukumizu, nekomimi and tail, thigh high socks and bells is just brilliant! So many iconic accesories in one figure! She looks great too, well made, well painted. And at almost 22cm, 24cm including the cute clover base, she’s one of my tallest figures. Great value for £25. Especially now considering the price on HLJ is now over £40. Damn this recession….

Anyhows, I’ve taken many pics, all of which are included in this post if you keep reading. 😀


Blog Mascot Ideas

December 6, 2008

mascot-copyI’ve decided, while its still young, to jump on the blog-mascot bandwagon. So I’m just having ideas at the moment… these are some of them… The teal girl is kinda a alternate version of my Vista-chan which I’ve posted on deviantart n stuff.

Anyone have any ideas? Preferences? Outfits!! Outfits is one I need help with, I don’t know how to dress her… should she have cat ears? Sukumizu? Uniform? Casual clothing?

I’m not sure what would suit my blog….. Something Chie Yoshioka related, since she’s been my header since I began?

(Oh!! This is my 150th post…wow…..thats ALOT….lol)

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