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Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer

November 4, 2015
And Nintendo wins again.

And Nintendo wins again.

We’re all familiar with the Animal Crossing series right? Cute character living in a cute town inhabited by cute animals? Earning money to pay off your debts by collecting fruit, fish and fossils? Furniture hoarding? Making the perfect house? Right? Ok good. So Happy Home Designer is Animal Crossing, without all the money grabbing and town management. It’s literally just the furniture hoarding and making the perfect houses. Which is great. One of the best parts of the game. I miss the rest of the game of course, but I still have New Leaf, so I’m alright with that.


Tomodachi Life – It will consume yours!!!

September 19, 2014
This was quite a while ago now...

This was quite a while ago now…

A couple of months ago I acquired Tomodachi Life via a friend from Hyper Japan, when they were having the half price sale. By this point I’d already played the demo and was kind of interested, but didn’t want to pay £35 for it XD.

So me and my friends all have this game now, and we’re all oddly addicted to running our islands full of our Mii-versions of friends and family.

I find myself comparing it to Tamagotchi’s, because you need to feed them and keep them happy by giving them stuff. Only they’re digital versions of people you know, or people you’d like to know in my case too, since I’ve made Mii’s of B1A4. And anime characters. I made a Shana for my little brother to marry, but he ended up marrying my teacher assistant from China, Maggie. And my dad’s married my friend Athina, and my mum is still single. I married who I wanted 🙂 Though we have 3 kids…. which is disturbing. Specially as he had the idea 2 out of 3 times…

The game itself is pretty odd, you are referred to as your in game Mii’s lookalike, so to all the islanders, I am ‘Meimi’s lookalike’, who provides them with sustenance and stuff. I’m basically their god. It’s Sims-esque like that, but you have much less control. If you want a certain Mii to marry another Mii, it can be tough. Luckily I didn’t have to intervene on my Mii’s choice. I’m pretty sure I was asked out, then rejected him, and then later on my Mii asked him out and he said yes, thank god. So there’s a barrage of screencaps under the cut lol.


DSi? More like DS-whyyyyyy???

April 15, 2009
Only 26 here, but he has at least 28. (He was using Pearl and Platinum at the time I took this.)

Only 26 here, but he has at least 28. (He was using Pearl and Platinum at the time I took this.)

My brother went out today, while I was still in bed… and he bought the Nintendo DSi, which was released earlier this month, on the 3rd(before america!! Mwhahahaha, I love it when we get stuff before other places, it so rarely happens…). He spent-wait for it-£150 on it! I didn’t think that could be the retail price… but it is… only £20 less than the RP of a 60GB 360!!! Only £10 less if you get it from Amazon!!! Just £10-20 more and he could have bought his own 360! Instead of putting up with that cruddy little Arcade 360 that can’t even play old Xbox games…. I can’t believe they paid £120 for that….instead of saving a bit more and getting the 60gb version…or even the Elite!!! I can’t believe, after all my advice about why he shouldn’t buy it… he still went and bought it… heck…. a PSP would be a better idea… since he’ll be bored of the camera function soon… and thats really the only thing that sets it apart from the PSP(I mean other than having 2 screens). They both play music after all… both have memory card slots now… can the DSi play videos yet? Still…. waste of money… He won’t even admit it.. least I’ll admit it…

Its like he has 28-or so DS games and only plays like 2 of them… I bet he wouldn’t even notice if I nabbed Mario Kart… over £800’s worth of games he doesn’t play… I have a strong urge to sell them… I wouldn’t though… I’d be pissed if someone sold my games and I went back to look for one and found it missing…

And to finish…. a nice pick of Serio from my collection of To Heart figures. There wasn’t enough of her in the first series of To Heart…

I have Serio and Multi. Very chuffed. I need Kotone, Aoi..and some others...Lemmy etc...

I have Serio and Multi. Very chuffed. I need Kotone, Aoi..and some others...Lemmy etc...

I hope to someday soon complete the set of To Heart figures. I have 4 so far. There can’t be *loads* more lol. I checked how many before but have since forgotten…gah…. Anyways, tis all for now. Might post all the pics I took of the To Heart girls sometime soon. The majority of the pics are of Tomoko since she was my first To Heart girl, and an underated figure.

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