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Spore – First Look.

September 9, 2008

Tonight I finally got to try Spore. Tis good fun so far. But I’ll admit… I think I’m having trouble allying some of the harder nests. I think I have to change my creature to something I dont really want… or at least the muzzle needs changing… needs to be better at singing… These are my beasties so far.

Unfortunately this is yet ANOTHER distraction from things I should be doing….. University preparation, catching up on anime(Haruka’s Secret ep 9!! I got Bleach Series 1 Part 2 yesterday too. AND Haruhi LE vol 4 came today too!! :woot:), and my other games… like Asda Story. Which I need to get on tomorrow… (Only been back at home for 6 hours, enough time to play Spore, watch some Bleach, download bloody Vista updates and more!! But not enough to play Asda and watch Haruhi too. lol)

Sleepover & Nogizaka Haruka updates – See you in a day or so!

September 8, 2008

I am off to a bbq/sleepover today with some of my closest friendlies.  So I probably won’t be posting for the next 24 hours or so. Probably a bit longer. I thought I’d post some pics in honor of this, but its actually harder to find pics of sleepovers than I thought it would be.

It won't be like this lol

It won't be like this lol


I REALLY doubt it'll be like this aswell lol

I REALLY doubt it'll be like this too lol

I only have a link to the high res of the top pic, here on Moe Imouto. It’s going to be :counts: 9 people crammed into a living room though… on two sofa’s, the foot rest/poof-thing, and the floor. Wonder where I’ll be this time? I usually weasel my way onto a sofa lol Anyways, I’m off. Remember to check Moetaku for updates on Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ep 9.

Wheres Haruka-chan????

Wheres Haruka-chan????

(High res)

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