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Clayz 1/8th Nogizaka Haruka figure – It’s out finally!!!

October 14, 2008
This is what the figure looked like in preview shots.

This is what the figure looked like in preview shots.

She looked gorgeous in the pics released earlier this year.

And this is what she’s turned out like, after a little delay in release. After assessing the differences, colour and what not, she still looks gorgeous! I think I prefered the hair of the preview shots, and the eyes aren’t the same sort of watercolour-style, but still pretty. And she’s retained the Haruka-ness too.

The actual detail of the eye looks pretty lame. But bigger than real size close up pics usually make stuff look worse than it is. (I hope thats the case with Haruka-chan….)


Quality Comparison – AVI vs RMVB

July 17, 2008
Comparison of Air TV files

Comparison of Air TV files

Sometimes when I just wanna see the series quickly, I will go with RMVB files, even though the quality is obviously much worse. If there are smaller MKV files available, I will go with them, but in Air TV’s case there weren’t any. I downloaded the last(proper) episode, 12, in AVI format just to see how much better the quality is. Same size, but so much more pixelation in the RMVB files. I usually got with AVI’s cos I know them, I’ve had less dealings with H264 files. Xvids are for me!!! I get me the best quality files if its a series I know I’ll love. 

(I know they’re not in exactly the same place, but its about the same and you can definately see the difference.

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