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On the hunt…

January 11, 2010

…for a new Twitter compatible mobile… I’ve become somewhat addicted…. and my phones too basic to handle any twitter application(that I can find), its a Nokia 2680 Slide. If anyone knows of twitter apps any that work with more basic phones, do tell!

I love Nokia’s to bits… and I’d love to get another one… with a keypad, touchscreen-only bugs me… qwerty would be nice, but the N97 is crazy expensive, and I’m not willing to fork out for that. Ofc I won’t restrict myself if theres a nice twitter compatible phone which has a keypad/qwerty keypad with decent battery life lol.

Any ideas?

Recent Goodies

June 4, 2009

New loot

Well, this be some of my recent loot. I finally got a new phone aswell. Still not sure how I feel about it… Candybar style might be better for me… since I’m used to it…. The Hen Tie tshirt I ordered when Fakku did a second run of them, it arrived at home and my mother brought it up to me when we visited the grandparents. The Yoshika Nendoroid is a figure I preordered (I think….) either way. I has her now! All I have to do now is wait for the Alter. Though I prefer the face on the AmiAmi one. Either way though, Yoshika!! I want a Lynette too.


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