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Sorry for the gap! ((Keep your eyes out for ep 13!!))

September 24, 2008

As some of you may already know, I’m at uni now, and I’ve been out and about a bit. Not getting drunk….cause thats a big waste-o-money and resourses that I could waste on other things, like figures!! lol.

Just thought I’d post a little something from my Busou Shinki’s to keep you coming back for more. I’ve taken more pics and some of my uni room, before and after shots etc, but I can’t find the little thing I put the memory card in to transfer them… so I’ll find that later…

My 3 newest Shinki posing on my laptop!!!

And btw, if you hadn’t realised, and I’m sure many of you have, there is an episode 13 of Strike Witches by the look of it. Since several sites have it listed with 13 episodes I think it’s fairly safe to say theres a 13th episode. So keeps your eyes out this week!! You wouldn’t wanna miss it now would you?? 😀

Day out at Banham Zoo – Oh the animals!!

August 1, 2008

Today, I went to Banham Zoo with my mum, youngest brother and grandparents. I haven’t been to Banham Zoo in ages, so was pretty happy to go back. I thought I may aswell bring the camera to take lots of pretty pictures of the animals!! In the end the camera ran out of battery, but not before I managed to take over 80 pics lol. I ran out of space before we left, so I deleted some of the ones I didnt like. And to my amazement only a few of them were out of focus. Was quite chuffed with the photos really. There are some really nice ones I think. (Camera is only 4 Mega Pixels, I know thats not fantastic lol)

Now for some photos!! Many-many photos! Cause i am quite proud of some of them lol. (Beware of viewing full, they are big, I left them big in case people wanted bigger versions, very-very big, 2700 by 1700 ish)

Taken through the fence! No blurry fence at the edges! Wuu!

Taken through the fence! No blurry fence at the edges! Wuu!


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