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Fireball Drossel

August 4, 2009

Since I saw Drossel von Flugel design yonks ago, from some event photos probably on DC, and then the Figma was announced. I wanted her. And yesterday I finally got round to watching most of the animated shorts she originated from, called Fireball.


The above pic is 1280×1024. Good for a wallpaper. Comes from the Japanese Disney Channel site.

I regret not preordering her before, cos finding her was annoying now, the prices on ebay were stupid, and she was out of stock in most places.


Busou Shinki Studio

October 21, 2008

Got round to playing with the BS Studio a couple of days ago. Didn’t do too much, as it was late, just took a while to download the updates is all…

I’ve been buried in Uni work atm, lots to do. Like 7 hours of drawings from still life. And a flip book. And an essay we can’t actually write yet because we don’t know nearly enough about this ‘Limey’ movie.

This is just a tester I made very quickly in Photoshop. First time I’ve used photoshop in years literally… Haven’t used it since I was like 13-14ish at school. And that was only a trial version. I’ve used programs like photoshop for years though. So I’m competant with it so far.

New desk setup – Cramped much?

October 4, 2008

My brand-spanking-new computer arrived yesterday!! So many boxes… so much stuff to unpack… but its so worth it… I have Maya 2008(not sure if its unlimited or not…), and teh Adobe creative suite (3) and other bits and pieces!! So much free stuff!

It’s really jammy that I get all this stuff for free, it’s only because I’ve got a stomach condition(Chrons) and the worst case scenario means I have to stay at home and work from here. And I’m not complaining I get thousands of pounds worth of stuff for free lol, that would be mighty ungrateful right? My brothers so annoyed I’ve got all this stuff. He’s trying to get himself diagnosed with something so he gets free stuff too lol.

My desk is no even more cluttered than before… and there are soooooooooo many cables I’m a little worried frankly…

Anyways, that is all for now, I’m gonna go have a play with Maya and install some games, Viva Pinata, Sims 2, Black and White 2 etc. The new one will be primarily for work and high spec games only at the moment, since I don’t wanna infect my new machine with anything just yet… downloads will be down with this computer.

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