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Why do we love figures?

December 18, 2008

I’ve got no idea why the idea of owning many plastic women makes me happy… What makes us want to own so many chunks of inanimate plastic? It’s something we did when we were younger, want toys of stuff like power rangers, pokemon and other similar things. But this is different… They’re not posable, yet they’re more…alive in a way. They have more character, more charm, definately better craftmanship than any toys we had when we were little. Then again, theres surely arn’t toys, are they? Figures like Figma are yes, but I’m not talking about Figma’s and Revoltech’s. I’m talking about the static PVC figures. Ones from companies like Kotobukiya, Good Smile, Max Factory and Alter. What about these beauties makes us want to spend SOOOOOOOOOO much money on them?

Rational thought must not be involved when purchasing figures. To spend so much, an average of £30 per figure(usually more), is an insane prospect to most people. Or rather, to the people who don’t collect figures that is. I could have, with all the money I’ve spent on figures in the last 3 months, bought a PS3, or a XBOX 360 and games to go with it. But figures just seem more…. tempting… more needed… it’s strange. I’ve been through phases of wasting money on stuff like Pokemon cards, Pokemon toys, Ty Beanie Babies and other childish infactuations(Pokemon is still going strong, more for the games than anything, but sometimes I lapse and buy new cards…) but figures are something different.

Over the past year and a bit, I’ve managed to aqquire over 40 figures. I’m not sure of the exact number because a number of my figures are at home. I was only allowed to bring 4 larger figures with me to University at first. At this moment, 5 from my collection before I came to Uni are with me, but I’ve got 14 new big pvc figures, 1 revoltech, 2 Figma and some mini figures. But its the big pvc ones which are important right now. 40 figures over 13 months(ish) is more than 3 a month, I know thats not right, because I have got the majority of my collection in bulk-buys at conventions. Which is even crazier…. considering the amount I’ve spent at conventions… scary amounts…. It truly is a tad worrying, and now I’m in Uni I should be cutting back. I mean, I have done, apart from the London expo which I saved money towards, and I had my busary for the Midlands Expo… and other than those times, I’ve only got 2 pvc figures(one I preordered months earlier, and one I gave into buying, glad I did, because she’s not available through the site I got her at anymore) and 3 posable figures(Kagami, Gurren Lagann Full Drillized and Tsuruya-san(also preordered) while at Uni. My self control has been pretty darn good I must say. If I was working I could spend more. But I’d prefer to just hang with friends and have a good time, with all the work we’re lumped with…

So! (Went a bit off track there…) Back to the original question, why do we love figures so much? Is it because of the series they’re from? The attractiveness of the figure itself? The prospect of increasing your otaku-dom? I think…for me… Genshiken was a large part of why I started collecting… I began with mini figures because it was all I could afford, but once I got a job and a debit card, I was able to get big PVC figures, which after fawning over them on, I was very glad to finally be able to buy.


So. I’m going home today. For the holidays. 3 weeks. It’ll be weird not being here for 3 weeks. And it’s my birthday in now… 5 days… And Christmas in 7. It’s Christmas in a week!! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

Figure Costs – (HOLYOMFGCRAP) – How much have you spent?

July 20, 2008

I took the time today, to count up just how much I’d spent on figures. I did the bigger PVC figures first. Getting a job had really impacted how much I spend, which in some ways I’m glad on, in others, I could cry at how much I’ve spent on plastic girls (and a couple of boys) alone… I converted the totals into Yen and American Dollars aswell for those who don’t know Pounds very well. I counted 24 figures as ‘big’ This included Pocco and my Figma Haruhi, cos they cost more the prices of big figures anyways, even if they are smaller. (Although Haruhi standing next to Konomi-chan, theres only bout an inch in it, and Pocco is the same height roundabouts.)


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