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Enter, Drossel-Hime

August 6, 2009
"We want you!"

"We want you!"

 Drossel von Flugel is absolutely GORGEOUS! I think I may have a new favourite figma, even above the caliber of Tsuruya-san, which is mighty hard to do. Because she’s a robot, the joints don’t look unnatural and awkward, they look right at home!


Megahouse Meer Campbell 1/6th Doll

December 29, 2008

I got Meer on Saturday. Have been very lazy about the blogging lately… tis the holidays, much fun to be had. Mainly involving varying foods and tv lol. Meet is lovely. I’ve never seen Gundam Seed Destiny myself. But I’ve got a couple of mini figures from the series, and now Meer.


She’s got a great face. Very docile, And the hair is nice too. I know it had a big price tag when it was first released, which is a shame, but quality wise, she is great. Even though the hair is actually hollow, it looks great, and bends, so you don’t have to worry so much about breakages. Apparantly its an obitsu body. Whatever that means… I know I’ve heard it before… but not sure in regards to what…


Busou Shinki – Up close and Personal

September 28, 2008

I have grown more and more attached to my Busou Shinki’s ever since I got them… more so even than my Figma Haruhi I think… which is strange… it might be because I’m not as scared to play with the Shinki’s, because they cost alot less than the Figma’s, and would be much cheaper to replace if broken. Figma’s just seem more delicate…. They’re definately better quality, but it might have to do with the fact I was so enticed by the Angelic Layer story when I first read it, like 5 years go…(wow…long ago….weird…) And stuff like Sky Girls and the slightly more recent Strike Witches might have been an influence too. I’m not really big on the mecha stuff… but I do love the character designs!!

(I don’t know why I didnt take any close ups of Devil Strarfs box… and I can’t now, it’s at home lol)

(More below belt)


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