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Figure Costs – (HOLYOMFGCRAP) – How much have you spent?

July 20, 2008

I took the time today, to count up just how much I’d spent on figures. I did the bigger PVC figures first. Getting a job had really impacted how much I spend, which in some ways I’m glad on, in others, I could cry at how much I’ve spent on plastic girls (and a couple of boys) alone… I converted the totals into Yen and American Dollars aswell for those who don’t know Pounds very well. I counted 24 figures as ‘big’ This included Pocco and my Figma Haruhi, cos they cost more the prices of big figures anyways, even if they are smaller. (Although Haruhi standing next to Konomi-chan, theres only bout an inch in it, and Pocco is the same height roundabouts.)


Final Fantasy XIII/13 – on 360 too huh?

July 14, 2008

I havent gone into shock over the news that FF13 will be on 360 aswell as PS3, mainly cos I have neither console as of this very moment. I may have when it finally comes out though… either way, I’d probly get a 360 before a PS3, so it is actually good news once I think about it.

I wonder though, how long can they keep the Final Fantasy Franchise going?

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