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Giant Bunny GET!!!

January 18, 2009

I got him!!! (He is a him, I keep calling him a him and I haven’t even named him yet. lol) Ever since I came to uni, I’d seen a big beige bunny rabbit in the window of this awesome shop. It was £40. More than I’m willing to fork out on a cuddly toy. Though I’ve paid more for a piece of plastic way smaller…. different thing though…… This last week, theres been a sale in this shop, the bunny was half price. I’ve been fighting with myself since last sunday…over whether or not I should buy it… yesterday I finally caved…. I went to get it… but the sales clerk said it wasn’t £20, it was still £40, even though the sign in the window said it was £20, down from £40…. So I decided I’d go back today. Alas….. it was gone…. I saw even from a distance that the bunny was no longer in its part of the display… I was so upset… I even asked about it… and they said it was sold earlier today…. So I got my milk and drudged home… bummed out by not getting my bunny…..


Strike Witches 5 – Late Night Fanservice

August 1, 2008

It’s past 1 in the morning here in the UK, and I just finished watching ep 5 of Strike Witches half an hour ago. Since then I set about collecting screenshots. Before I go off to beddy-byes, I thought some of you might like to see what you can expect from this weeks episode.

Thats right, its a beach episode, and you know what that means…


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