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Kemono no Souja Erin – Suprise pick up

January 28, 2009


I just downloaded this in passing, after reading the synopsis on ANN. Didn’t know what I’d think, first impression was that it would be aimed at a younger audience, that doesn’t bother me particularly. I think it might have been the green hair that persuaded me to watch lol. Anyways, onwards!…


Running out of room…

January 23, 2009
My Miku on my DVD player lol.

My Miku on my DVD player lol.

I now have serious space issues… I have figures on my tv… on my DVD player… on my LCD moniter, I’m sure soon they’ll be some on the actual computer soon… when I need more room for the bigger figures.. the puchi nendo’s will have to move….oh dear…


Atsunehay Ikumay Igmafay Etgay + Oremay oodiesgay

January 21, 2009


Esterdayyay ymay Atsunhay Ikumay igmafay arrivedway! I’mway oooooosay adglay! I’veway eenbay aitingway agesway orfay erhay andway ethay usualway aceplay inallyfay adhay erhay inway ockstay, osay Iway utpay inway ethay orderway astlay eekway, itway asway eantmay otay ebay away 7 otay 14 ayday aitway orfay
emthay otay etgay oneway, utbay itway idn’tday eelfay atthay onglay ollay.


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