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Surrogates – Review/gabble type thing. lol.

October 5, 2009
Found in a google search. No bugging for specifics, theres a watermark near the bottom if you really care lol.

Found in a google search. No bugging for specifics, theres a watermark near the bottom if you really care lol.

I wanted to see Surrogates mostly because it looked like it had a cool plot. Living through a robot-you and all that. Of course it can make life as creepy as it is when guys are girls in MMO’s and vice versa. As you’ll see if/when you see the movie. I’d say it was worth it to see Brucey with hair and a scary smoothed out face. I hate when faces are smoothed out by CGI. Its creepy. I remember calling some RnB chick fuzzy lady cos they did it to her so much lol.


Gelgoog-otousan Complete

September 10, 2009
Finally got outside to take some pics before the sun started to dim.

Finally got outside to take some pics before the light started to dim.

 Finished off using a dark grey Gundam Marker (GM38), grey artist brush pen(with lots of pigment in the ink), black 0.05 pigment pen and flat matt plastic varnish, or more commonly to gunpla makers, topcoat. Of course the dry transfers too, applied before the topcoat was, thougth that’d be best.


1/200 HCM Pro Zaku Warrior

August 30, 2009

My little loot from my trip to Norwich on saturday. And technically I only bought Zaku, cos ‘Cat Paradise’ was in a 3 for 2 offer in Waterstones, and my brother was buying Haruhi manga(I did warn him it ain’t the same though…) I thought £6.95 was a bit much, but the Japanese packaging was too much to pass up, I woulda bought any of the Mobile Suits, was very much an impulse buy. But I recently found out I am, what you’d call, a Zeonist, a fan of the 1-eyed Mobile Suits, Gelgoog, Zaku, Dom’s(whatever Dom’s are… will have to search that lol). 1500 yen on HLJ. Still in stock atm lol, released in 2005 originally.


An itty-bitty gundam! So very tiny at just 9cm in height! About the same height as a Nendoroid, tiny bit shorter me thinks. More past the cut!


Enter, Drossel-Hime

August 6, 2009
"We want you!"

"We want you!"

 Drossel von Flugel is absolutely GORGEOUS! I think I may have a new favourite figma, even above the caliber of Tsuruya-san, which is mighty hard to do. Because she’s a robot, the joints don’t look unnatural and awkward, they look right at home!


Fireball Drossel

August 4, 2009

Since I saw Drossel von Flugel design yonks ago, from some event photos probably on DC, and then the Figma was announced. I wanted her. And yesterday I finally got round to watching most of the animated shorts she originated from, called Fireball.


The above pic is 1280×1024. Good for a wallpaper. Comes from the Japanese Disney Channel site.

I regret not preordering her before, cos finding her was annoying now, the prices on ebay were stupid, and she was out of stock in most places.


Clannad After Story – ep 2

October 11, 2008

After episode one let me down… I was sceptical over what they’d do next week. Now its come and gone.

I’m glad they had some of the robots bits this episode. It is what I look forward to most. I love the CG-combo animation and how smooth the girl’s hair and movements are.

And since I haven’t played the game, most of this stuff is still pretty cryptic for me. And I like it that way. Gives me something to look forward to. Otherwise, all this ‘fake love’ stuff is pretty uneccessary for me. It was a funny episode though. I laughed when I saw this;

I lol’d. I’m sure you did too hehe. I also love how Tomoya is blushing too, and Nagisa picks him up for it.

This is the new opening, I almost tear up just listening to those few bars at the start….

It’s based on a instrumental from the previous series and game right? Tis why I recognise it, I’m not crazy lol. EDIT: Got the original below;

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