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New dorama – Mei-chan no Shitsuji & Bambino!

March 7, 2010

(The Bambino! opening theme, totally addicted to it…. can now sing it off by heart lol.)

As we finished Rookies yesterday, and finished Bloody Monday(*SOB*) today, we had to pick new J-drama’s to take their place lol. We ended up going with one boy-filled-fangirl-fest, and one, more serious, but not completely, cooking series.



March 4, 2010

I remember just…seeing Rookies mentioned/advertised on a site, I think around the time I was looking for the Higurashi movie. Musta been early 2009… But I wasn’t really in the mood for a J-drama then, was just looking for Higurashi. And its about baseball fer-cryin’ out loud!! Baseball!! I don’t watch sport. Occasionally if its a big match for the UK/England I’ll have a look, but even then, its mostly boring. The winter olympics is slightly more entertaining cos of all the ice lol. Ice Hockey’s pretty awesome. Anyways, sport-based drama’s. Generally they’re meh in my oppinion. BUT I had a semi-decent reason for watching this time. As me & Purplezest were kind of in need of distraction from the secondary, unforseen hellatus(stupid US TV hiatus….)6 weeks+ without our favourite shows… So we… improvised.


Otaku? (+ some not-so-random bishies)

February 24, 2010

You don't get it right? Thats cos only hardcore, obsessive fans would. Don't argue with me on that. (This is one of the many epic designs from Detour Design on Cafepress, click to go there.)

Now, I thought ‘otaku’ was just a word for someone who is obsessed with something, yes it’s more commonly connected to anime/manga etc, but thats not the proper-proper use, is it? In Japanese its a word for someone with an obsession for a certain area(there are other meanings I’m aware of too, its also a suffix like -san/-dono/-chan etc which I wasn’t as aware of lol), but some still want to use it just for anime/manga/eroge obsessions. After becoming a fan of anime/manga when I was 13(I think…) I wasn’t really aware of the use of otaku at all, why would I be? I live in a country that once wrote off most Japanese cartoons as pornographic thanks to Urotsukidoji lol. That was then though, this is now. Much more accepting of it… I think lol.
I’ve always been… easy to get obsessed with something, when I was ickle, it was Dalmatians, thanks to 101 Dalmatians. Favourite Disney movie of all time, and will remain that way, for mostly sentimental reasons I think lol. But that lasted with me, and still is with me now really, until I was 9 or so, when Pokemon arrived, and Pokemon is still with me now lol, can’t wait for Soul Silver to come out!! Am soooo tempted to import… even though there’s only a couple of weeks in between US & UK releases… still seems unfair that we have to wait…


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