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My Moekana Five-a-day – Ta Te Sa Ke E

September 19, 2014
Lookit the cuteness

Lookit the cuteness (click to enlarge)

So I recently, well, not that recently, but in the last 2 months or so, acquired a set of Moekana, and Moekanji, AND the booster pack. Cos my friend didn’t know which one was which… so I got them all… XD And I’ve been trying to memorise the hiragana first. I started out by doing 5 or so a day, and adding more cards as I went along. The ‘kakikukeko’ method is all well and good for speaking, but they’re not always gonna be in order when you’re reading them or writing them. So I mix them up :3

And I will be posting 5 cards a day on my blog and trying to make as many words as I know/vaguely recognise from anime or drama or anything.

Todays are; ta te sa ke e.

た タ ta
て テ te
さ サ sa
け ケ ke
え エ e
I’m not concentrating on the katakana so much at the moment. Cause I wanna get the hiragana first. Then theres the world of pain which is kanji… *shudder*

For this selection I got…..
さけ sake
たえて taete – endured/endure/withstand/enduring/withstood
けさ kesa – this morning
さえて saete – clearheaded
てえ Te – want, wish, wants
さて sate – now, well, okay, so

‘Saete’ is something I’ve heard I think, could have been saiite… or sa iiko….
‘Sake’ is a fairly obvious one. But the others… I’d need to see/hear being used in a sentence to fully get their meaning. Little help? Also please inform me if any of those words are wrong. Google translate isn’t that clever yet..

ISML Aquamarine 3 – Voting Open!

March 20, 2009

Tis now possible to vote in round 3 of the Aquamarine matches! Here are my choices.

ARENA 01: [Katsura Hinagiku] Holo
ARENA 02: [Tsukimiya Ayu] Hakurei Reimu
ARENA 03: [Chiba Kirino] Kasuga “Ōsaka” Ayumu
ARENA 04: Alice Carroll [Kawasumi Mai]
ARENA 05: Misaka Mikoto [Ibuki Fūko]
ARENA 06: [Kinomoto Sakura] Fate Testarossa
ARENA 07: Anya Alstreim [Mizunashi Akari]
ARENA 08: [Izumi Konata] Shana
ARENA 09: [Hinamori Amu] Shinku
ARENA 10: Remilia Scarlet [Misaka Shiori]
ARENA 11: Hiiragi Kagami [Furude Rika]
ARENA 12: [Konjiki no Yami] Kirisame Marisa
ARENA 13: Maria [Abstained] Vita
ARENA 14: [Saber] Kawazoe Tamaki
ARENA 15: [Kamio Misuzu] Evangeline McDowell
ARENA 16: Ryōgi Shiki [Sawatari Makoto]
ARENA 17: [Ryūgū Rena] Sakagami Tomoyo
ARENA 18: [Index Prohibitorum] Kushieda Minori
ARENA 19: Yagami Hayate [Patchouli Knowledge]
ARENA 20: [Asahina Mikuru] Sunohara Mei
ARENA 21: Suiseiseki [Hiiragi Tsukasa]
ARENA 22: C.C. [Nagato Yuki]
ARENA 23: [Fujibayashi Kyō] Suigintou
ARENA 24: [Kōzuki Kallen] Louise Vallière
ARENA 25: Kawashima Ami [Aisaka Taiga]
ARENA 26: [Nagi] Kurata Sayuri
ARENA 27: [Chii] Minase Nayuki
ARENA 28: Tōsaka Rin [Takamachi Nanoha]
ARENA 29: [Ichinose Kotomi] Sanzen’in Nagi
ARENA 30: [Furukawa Nagisa] Suzumiya Haruhi
ARENA 31: [Shameimaru Aya] Illyasviel von Einzbern
ARENA 32: [Furude Hanyū] Katagiri Yūhi

Remember to vote(for Fuuko!lol) Go here to participate.

London Expo Cosplay

October 30, 2008

On sunday, I vowed to ignore the stalls(for the most part) and just get many, many photos. Which I did. Not all decent enough to post here, I need a better camera… I do….. GAH…. And beware… theres a shock at the end of the post….

There were game characters…

There were eroge characters! Which I was uber-happy about! (Misuzu!!!) I even saw some cosplayers of Shuffle and Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru(I think…)

Manga/anime characters and more! (Love this Sakura’s outfit, hairs not right, but its still a great outfit.)

Rosette from Chrono Crusade.(I spelt Rosette right, right? She is Rosette….right? I’m too lazy to google all these characters I’m not sure of the names.) And some character from Bleach.

Apparantly a character from the Chronicles of Riddick.

Some of Danny-sans comrades. Only got a back shot of these while I was in the queue. I have other Trooper pics I believe…

Many more photos below the belt.


Desk Arrangement

August 14, 2008

This is currently what my desk looks like. Hardly a desk, more a display…. You might think that I have left hardly any room to move the mouse, but I manage well enough. lol. Click for a bigger pic if you wanna closer look at some of the figures.

I have now officially run out of room for figures… I would have to move most of the mini figures off my tall boy(the wardrobe thing on the left of my desk) to make more room….. and I don’t wanna…. but I’m going to Uni soon… so I’ll have even less room…. and transporting them will be a faff…. but I have the boxes for quite a few of the ones I’m taking. Thats another problem…. how the hell do I decide who to take???!!! I know there are at least 7 I feel that I **must** bring with me… but I feel bad leaving the others… and I’ll be away from them for so long…. and god knows what my parents will do to my room while I’m gone…. if they break ANY of them… they will be forced to buy new ones, and it won’t be easy, considering lots of my figures are discontinued….

And a quick pic of my darling cat! I’ll miss her so much when I’m at Uni….

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