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March 4, 2010

I remember just…seeing Rookies mentioned/advertised on a site, I think around the time I was looking for the Higurashi movie. Musta been early 2009… But I wasn’t really in the mood for a J-drama then, was just looking for Higurashi. And its about baseball fer-cryin’ out loud!! Baseball!! I don’t watch sport. Occasionally if its a big match for the UK/England I’ll have a look, but even then, its mostly boring. The winter olympics is slightly more entertaining cos of all the ice lol. Ice Hockey’s pretty awesome. Anyways, sport-based drama’s. Generally they’re meh in my oppinion. BUT I had a semi-decent reason for watching this time. As me & Purplezest were kind of in need of distraction from the secondary, unforseen hellatus(stupid US TV hiatus….)6 weeks+ without our favourite shows… So we… improvised.


The 3-Mei sama/The 3 Young Men/Sanmeisama/The3名様 – (Ok… so I helped myself a bit…still want subs..)

March 1, 2010

All pics came from CDJapan

How the hell do I find out anything bout this thing if nothing useful comes up on google! Just the CDJapan/PlayAsia pages that have the DVD’s on… There seem to be enough of these DVD’s on CDJapan… but…. I find nothing about what its about… its not listed on Sato Ryuta’s Dramawiki or his Asian Media Wiki listing… so I’m dumbfounded… How is it nothing exists about this thing in English? Is it a sketch show? A mini series? What?!

I know there was an anime version made last year, with the proper cast, but… theres not much about that either….. And I *think* it might have been based on a manga… or a manga was made after… I’m really not sure…

Ok, theres an officially site for it, but still doesn’t really help much…. It seems to have been going since at least 2005, and new stuff is still being released….

EDIT: Ok, so it seems the DVD’s are listed under a few names, sanmeisama has gotten me new results, and even a video, which I’m looking at now. Linky here, tis a the 1st episode far as I can guess from the ep 1 translation on the official site lol. EDIT: Ok, so Veoh have like 4 episodes, but if I search The3名様 in google, I get up alot of different stuff(like the Japanese wiki article on it), got the ‘The3名様’ from the Veoh vids. Thats 3 different names now… Theres some on youtube, will add some here, shame no subs though…

EDIT: YAY! Found 1 with subs so far, I hope this YT user has more with subs, will check, and then check back lol.

EDIT: And finally, here, theres like a little synopsis & list of all the eps & where they’re available on the web far as I can tell… So it is like a mini sketch show thing, reminds me of Kevin Smith stuff, in that, random/stoner/slice of life kinda thing lol.

Only thing I don’t understand now is why its not listed in Sato Ryuta’s Filmography on any sites I’ve seen…

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