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MyMiniCity – Hachiko!!

August 19, 2008

I made one of this minicity things a while back, and have forgotten to check it for quite a bit lol. I named it Hachiko after my towns in Animal Crossing. I always name them Hachiko after the dog in Shibuya. (Tis the fault of ‘Super Gals!’.(Or just Gals! if you’ve read the manga, extremely girly lol)

I would just like more people to visit it, so the crime rate goes down, and the transportation gets better, and the population increases! It’s only a click a day. Shame you can’t do it more than once every day really… but the biggest cities are really impressive, tis insane how they get them that big lol.

Here are the links then, to increase Transport click here, to increase Security click here, to increase population click here and to increase the Industry click here. Mucho thankies if you do. Right now my Crime rate is 7%…. because I neglected to check, so that the most important to get sorted. But I’m sure if just a few people visit it will get better right away!! Population is always most important, unless you have unemployment issues… I dont right now so it’s all good!!

And if you already have one, comment here and I’ll visit yours too!!

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