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My Moekana 5 a day – Ku Su Se Ki Shi

September 20, 2014

ku su se ki shi

So todays moekana are ku, su, se, ki and shi.

く ク ku
す ス su
せ セ se
き キ ki
し シ shi

Instantly I think ‘shiki’ which is vampire, in that anime series ‘Shiki’, but just means expression, or formula or ceremony?? D: And ‘suki’ which is like, and obviously ‘sushi’. So so far we got…

Shiki しき- Expression, formula or ceremony o_O
Suki すき- Like
Sushi すき- Sushi :3
Kiseki きせき- Miracle! I know this cos of ‘Clamp no Kiseki’ XD

Those are the only words I truly knew before… these are some I didn’t really 🙂

Kushi くし- Skewer, for like, BBQing stuff I think.
Seki せき- Place or seat.
Kishi きし- means Dejavu, which is pretty damn cool.
Kiku きく- Listen (that’s not what Navi says in Zelda all the time is it? Or does it just say ‘Listen’ in every language?)
Kiki きき- Equipment? Device?? I only knew it as a name XD
Shishi しし- is a Chinese guardian lion… and a place name. But it’s a Lion protector in Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism which I think is pretty cool.

I’m gonna leave it there. Cos I’ll be clutching at straws lol. I need to find my Japanese dictionary…

Autumn Season Anime (ASA)

December 7, 2010


That’s right, AUTUMN. None of this ‘Fall’ malarkey. Tis Autumn. Or, well… it was… isn’t so much now lol. Its like the whole of the UK has iced over in the matter of weeks. Panic ensues of course because for some reason, we can’t handle a bit of snow lol. (Above pic of the lovely Manami came from here.)

So, I mentioned in a previous post which anime I’d be trying, right? It’s changed a bit since then lol. Oreimo is the only one I’m keeping up with out of them. I will definitely watch Fortune Arterial, just not at the moment. Yosuga no Sora… not sure about… Star Driver was interesting, so I may well watch that at some point too. But right now, just keeping up with Kuragehime, Oreimo and Shiki is enough lol. There are some spoilers regarding plot of Shiki, if you don’t wanna know anything, don’t read that bit lol.


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