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March 4, 2010

I remember just…seeing Rookies mentioned/advertised on a site, I think around the time I was looking for the Higurashi movie. Musta been early 2009… But I wasn’t really in the mood for a J-drama then, was just looking for Higurashi. And its about baseball fer-cryin’ out loud!! Baseball!! I don’t watch sport. Occasionally if its a big match for the UK/England I’ll have a look, but even then, its mostly boring. The winter olympics is slightly more entertaining cos of all the ice lol. Ice Hockey’s pretty awesome. Anyways, sport-based drama’s. Generally they’re meh in my oppinion. BUT I had a semi-decent reason for watching this time. As me & Purplezest were kind of in need of distraction from the secondary, unforseen hellatus(stupid US TV hiatus….)6 weeks+ without our favourite shows… So we… improvised.


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