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Trying Bleach

July 12, 2008

I’m finally trying out some anime that I thought I wouldn’t like, like Naruto, and, if you couldn’t tell, Bleach. I was lucky enough to find Bleach and Naruto season 1 part 1’s for just £12.90 for both.(Thats $26 and 2700 yen).

My friend has been plugging Bleach and Naruto for a while now. (He’s fallen for Naruto big-time.) I watched some Naruto first but skipped to Bleach. I’ve watched the 1st 2 episodes now, and it’s better than I thought it’d be. I don’t have any urge to turn Bleach off, so thats good right? I like Ichigo-kun’s family. They seem, like him, freaky, but in a good way. I actually feel like I want to keep watching. Which means I’ll have to hunt down the season 1 part 2 for a reasonable price. I gotta save money for the Haruhi Special Edition DVD’s and a Figma Kagami though. Ah the life of an otaku……tis but an expensive one.

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