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Mikado(Pocky) in Sainsburys!

March 5, 2009

Went shopping today, for shampoo, washing up liquid etc etc, boring stuff. And while in the biscuit aisle I spotted something… something I never expected to see… Pocky in a british supermarket…

Oh, the new Radio times too, the one featuring Tennant. Yuuummm. 3 yummy things.

Oh, the new Radio times too, the one featuring Tennant. Yuuummm. 3 yummy things.



January 29, 2009


This is my last lot of loot for a while. I am now controlling myself. This was ordered like… the last day before I came back to Uni… I think… Might have been the first week back. Either way. LOOT!


SLR Practice

January 25, 2009

(Please note, this is not a digital camera I’m using. I’m using a plain old fashioned Nikon AF NIKKOR 28-100mm.(I think thats its name, if not, its Nikon F65 lol) No screen, no iso controll I know of…. that I’ve been taught of… if there is, someone tell me lol.)

Yesterday I’d got round to scanning my best SLR pics from the first shoot, from Castle Gardens. And the next set I did over yesterday and today I got on CD aswell as 6×4″ photos, so no scanning needed lol.

The first pics I’m gonna post are the scanned photos, my favourites at any rate. And this was my first time fiddling with an SLR camera. So I’m suprised more of them weren’t blurry or complete rubbish lol, only a few of the 72(2×36 exp) came out bad lol.

One of my favourites I think.

Probably one of my favourite pics. Because I got the flower in the center in focus but not all the rest, which was my aim lol. I think...


What I’ve watched… Sky Girls

July 12, 2008

Thought I might just write a little about what I’ve watched after I got access to broadband internet. And I mean full series, not episodes here and there. Series that have held my attention. First one I watched was Sky Girls.

My fave girl Otoha

My fave girl Otoha

 Really enjoyed it. Even though it does seem to mainly be loli girls with exo-skeletons fighting aliens in a future war. It was cute, it had action, it has suspense. It had it all in my book. Loved the op theme and first ed theme aswell. Its not always you get a great series and great music to boot.

It suprised me how much I liked it, considering mecha-loli’s aren’t usually my thing.

Otoha looking cute

Otoha looking cute

Example of the girls in full loli-mode. Although Eika does have fairly sizable eyes.

Tis 26 episodes long, and there are DVD extra’s which were also subbed by the nice people of Ayako. More on what I’ve watched later. Heres the Opening of Sky Girls though. Enjoy.

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