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Need to watch MOAR!!!!

July 24, 2009


Being very lazy with the anime comsumption so far lol. Watching Paprika atm though. Awesome movie. So freaky though. Got him to watch Kannagi, Sky Girls, Shangri La… not much else. He needs to watch Canaan though. And Haruhi. And Clannad!!! Mwhahahaha!!! Kanon I will spare him from, since Clannad is more than enough mushy girliness for any guy who’s not used to it lol.

Should be posting more really, but busy!!! With anime and games and munchies and fun! lol. Already yawning though… sucks ass… shouldn’t have got up so early… damn me.

Sleepover & Nogizaka Haruka updates – See you in a day or so!

September 8, 2008

I am off to a bbq/sleepover today with some of my closest friendlies.  So I probably won’t be posting for the next 24 hours or so. Probably a bit longer. I thought I’d post some pics in honor of this, but its actually harder to find pics of sleepovers than I thought it would be.

It won't be like this lol

It won't be like this lol


I REALLY doubt it'll be like this aswell lol

I REALLY doubt it'll be like this too lol

I only have a link to the high res of the top pic, here on Moe Imouto. It’s going to be :counts: 9 people crammed into a living room though… on two sofa’s, the foot rest/poof-thing, and the floor. Wonder where I’ll be this time? I usually weasel my way onto a sofa lol Anyways, I’m off. Remember to check Moetaku for updates on Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ep 9.

Wheres Haruka-chan????

Wheres Haruka-chan????

(High res)

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