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1/144 HGUC Zaku I Sniper Type

October 4, 2009

I know, I made this a while ago, the first gunpla I really tried on. And I think I’m still most proud of it. I made it look prettiful and everything. Twas the first I did weathering on. And I think it turned out splendifferously. I realised I hadn’t posted pics of the final product before, only the pre-weathering version. And I do seem to be on a Gunpla theme atm, so it fits well. I took some other pics aswell, of Nendo’s. Which can be seen here, in my guest blog post at Orcinus Quay.

Phwooaaaar look at that piece!!

Phwooaaaar look at that piece!!

Notice the subtle tones on the legs and arms, and soldier armor. I could start babbling uppity artist nonsense right now, but thats no fun lol. I love watching/listening to people at galleries who come out with the most pretencious stuff you’ve ever heard lol. More pretty pics of my best-looking gunpla below the cut.


Tamiya Gets

September 6, 2009


I went to a hobby shop situated right in the middle of Snetterton Market, Snetterton Park Model Shop. Its bloody huge! I wandered around for a bit before I found the stuff I wanted, was just to the left round the corner of the entrance. LOTS of Tamiya stuff, had every Tamiya Weathering set available! They had Tamiya sandpaper stuff too, I think it might be for use when wet… since its all in Japanese I can’t tell lol. The can of varnish I got yesterday, its matt finish and meant for plastic modelling, so it should be fine, but I’ll test it on a something to be sure.

Pricewise the weathering stuff was more expensive than it was on ebay or other places, but since I didn’t have to wait for shipping, its better, and worth the money. The varnish was £4-something, I still need the Tamiya Polishing Compound, BUT I found out thats illegal in Europe lol, apparantly we’re the only country thats stopped selling it though, rest of Europe still does. The UK’s such a goody-two-shoes…. Can still import though, not the end of the world.

1/144 MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type

September 5, 2009

This Zaku is my 4th gunpla kit!! And after looking at guides, and how-to stuff, I went as all out as I could at this time, (since I can’t get ahold of any weathering stuff where I live, have to order online, same for polishing compound, though I’ve been told, something called ‘Brasso’ will do ok on plastic, but I don’t think it’d do the same thing I want that I’ve seen in guides.

Anyways, this is the final product so far, I wanna get some Tamiya weathering stuff to make her look extra funky. Not sure if its a she or he yet… I mean… it does have a skirt lol… but it has a bigass gun to make up for the femininity lol. Its about 13cm tall, I think its a bit shorter than my 1/144 Gelgoog, but just as cool. Still like Gelgoog more. Now I need a Char’s Zaku.. pink ftw!!

Oh, and atm, I’ve got the tubing on the backpack stuck in the holes with whitetack, since it didnt seem to wanna stay put on its own, same for the antenna. Posted these pics on too. Spreading the love! lol

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