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Anime that really speaks to you…

May 9, 2009

One series that I can relate too more than any other I’ve seen so far, is Lovely Complex, or Love Com.(I prefer calling it Lovely Complex lol) I saw this series back in December 07, it was one of the first series I saw after getting broadband. (I started rewatching it last night and it reminded me how much I enjoyed it the first time I saw it.)

Koizumi(little spring on the right)and Ootani(big valley on the left).

Koizumi(little spring on the right)and Ootani(big valley on the left).


Madagacar : Escape 2 Africa – First Look

December 5, 2008

Today after I went to look at apartments with friends, we went to see Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa. I haven’t actually seen the first one. And wasn’t really too fussed about this one either. But the adverts were at least funny.

The film doesn’t disappoint either. I thought it might frankly… but I was pleasantly suprised. Ben Stiller seems to be playing similar kinda characters lately… in Tropic Thunder he played a similar kinda character me thinks… Chris Rock rocked as always. David Schwimmer was good too. And Jada Pinkett Smith(who I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of while in the movie lol) was great as Gloria lol. One of my favourite appearences was from Alec Baldwin!! He was the voice of the bad guy(essentially lol). Baldwins are just funny. Cause I can never remember how many there are…. but Alec is an awesome one. The lion he played even looked a bit like him lol.

I also found the multiplied Chris Rock voices very funny. He played ALL the zebra’s lol. I did wonder about the female zebras but let it go… since its a kids movie. The plane at the end…. that was completely unbelievable….but its not meant to be believable-believable lol. Moto-moto was a funny character too, his intro was very funny lol. You’ll see if you see it.

Another thing I did like alot about the movie was the soundtrack. A movie with a good soundtrack is always good to find. And one with songs so emotional that they’ll make me well up less than 10 minutes into the movie… thats a skill… Just two instances in this movie did that though. It is a comedy after all. I think I have got worse as the years go by… music never used to effect me like this…. I blame Clannad….

I really like this track, there are two versions of it, one shorter used almost right at the end of the movie, and one a little further back, but still near the end. Will I Am is responsible for alot of the soundtrack, I looked it up… then proceeded to dl my favourite tracks… to sate my hunger for those particular songs…

Anyways, tis a rather good movie. The high class chess playing monkeys were awesome. I won’t say anything about the actual story itself, you have to see the movie for that :grin:. If you have free time, and easy access to a cinema, I suggest you get your butt over there to see it. It’s the official day of release here in the UK. 4:30pm showing I saw, not too many people in the cinema. I’m guessing most kids will see it at the weekend, it was just people my age and some a bit younger who probably got out of school not soon before.

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