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Summer Season Anime – Freshly Squeezed Anime Goodness

July 5, 2009
Pretty pic from Umi Monogatari, or Sea Story.

Pretty pic from Umi Monogatari, or Sea Story.

So far I’ve tried 5 of the new Summer anime, and I have Canaan all ready and dled to watch later tonight, but GG subs always seem to lag for me, the audio is quicker than the video and subs, anyone else get this problem? Its better in VLC, but the subs arn’t pretty and the singalong subs are usually out of whack, not a fan of VLC…

Am including a trailer or opening for each of the anime I’ve tried so far, so you can see what your missing, if your not already watching stuff.


Aoi Hana – Sweet Blue Flower + Merry Independance Day!

July 4, 2009


The above pic is from the opening sequence, and I seriously doubt we’ll be getting much in the way of this. Seems far too sweet for that.

For all who like a bit of school girl/childhood friend yuri action, this will suit you well, hits all those targets anyways. Tis sweet, yet subtle, and well animated with so far, nice voice acting and a show that seems to have legs.(As in could last a while, like Marimite has, though I ain’t watched that myself lol.)


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