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Snack Update – I haven’t eaten it all yet. And more has come.

May 15, 2016


So a while ago I posted the pics of the Dagashi set 2 and the Fukubukuro box from Freedom Japanese Market… I still haven’t finished it all. And the Discovery Box from Candysan arrived last week…. and then the April Subscription box from FJM arrived yesterday… so much like a backlog of TV or anime… I have a backlog of candy and snacks…. not that I’m complaining. I’d love nothing more than to stuff my face with it all very quickly. But I’m trying to be good. I refused to start the Dagashi set 2 until I’ve finished set 1. And I still had 2 things left when I did start it I think… and I still have stuff from my FJM sample box too… maybe 1 or 2 things… (more…)

Freedom Japanese Market – Sample Original Box & Fukubukuro box – March 2016

March 30, 2016
The inside of the Fukubukuro box. Why aren't English snacks as vibrantly packaged??

The inside of the Fukubukuro box. Why aren’t English snacks as vibrantly packaged??

So due to Dagashi Kashi and my utter lack of self control, I have a pile of Japanese snacks and candy sitting to my left on the sofa. I still haven’t finished the Dagashi Kashi set 1 that I got from Jbox, ONLY because, once I finish it, it’s gone, and that’s why I try not to buy fancy snacks and stuff, cos once I eat it, it’s gone 😦 That being said, I have money and very little self control sometimes… Sometimes being the operative word here. And I ordered these boxes from Freedom Japanese Market literally weeks ago. One was shipped on the 2nd of March, and one was shipped the 9th. So it was about 3 weeks for each. I don’t mind waiting. Means I forget things are coming and it’s a nice surprise. BUT when all these things arrive at one at work, I get looks and comments lol. I try to explain they’re preorders, and weren’t all ordered all at once XD Below the cut are many pictures…. many delicious pictures…


Dagashi Kashi – Genius product placement.

February 25, 2016
Saya-chan is best girl.

Saya-chan is best girl.

So I fell victim to this show and it’s blatant snack advertising and ordered one of the JList/JBox sample sets, Best $12 I ever spent. As well as the extra Konpeito I ordered. But $12 for essentially a sort-of surprise bag of weird and wondrful Japanese snacks. Some of which I know, some of which I don’t, all of which I wanted to try however. Thanks to Dagashi Kashi. (Stupid show.)


Impromtu London Loot

March 20, 2009

Today(Thursday), I went to London! Twas the results of blackmailing my parents after they guilted me into not going to the preview showing of Watchmen that I WON a ticket to…. At the Imax in London. The UK/England’s biggest screen. Was epic to say the least. Loved it. Was just as good, if not better than the first time I saw it on a normal size cinema screen. Seemed to finish in no time at all… Which I always assume is a good thing lol. If you can finish a movie wthout checking your watch/keitai clock.

When I was last visited this in Jan 2008, it was still under construction. Now, its full of AWESOME gaming machines!!!! Its so cool... I wish I had time to stay and play lol.

When I was last visited this in Jan 2008, it was still under construction. Now, its full of AWESOME gaming machines!!!! Its so cool... I wish I had time to stay and play lol.



August 17, 2008

I love this advert, so-so much!!! It’s freakin’ awesome!!! (BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!!!)

It’s a great ad campaign,(this isn’t the only advert) I’m actually tempted to try the sweets, seeing if they’re nicer than sweets full of food colouring and addictives. (I love e-numbers!!! lolz)

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