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Farm Life – 4 – Winter Wonderland

August 24, 2013

It got cold. Which I’m ok with. I like the cold. Means wrapping up warm, and more cuddles. (Things are moving along fine with Hiro-kun, before you ask ^_^)  And in Winter I get to grow daikon! Which I’ve been looking forward to! And bok choi too! Delicious foods. Sucks that these are the only two crop-crops you can grow though. There are flowers too, but much less choice than other seasons. Understandable really. Winter. Harsher weather. Just means more growing of long term crops like wheat, rice, soybeans. I do like growing soy beans, but it takes sooooooooooo long. But I like making tofu and cooking with it… doesn’t sell for much, but I need maker sheds before I can make any money out of the long term crops really. For buckwheat, rice, wheat and soybeans. I can wait. I think I’ll plan to move back to Bluebell in a couple of seasons too, so I can expand the farm there too. This season I didn’t get a farm expansion though…. just a stupid tunnel expansion…. good for towns, boring for me. Cos I wanted more space to grow crops…

I’ll just have to wait till Spring I spose… sucks… but by then, who knows, I might get the big bed expansion 😉 Oh. I’ve been winning alot of the food festival each season too. Usually 1st or 2nd. And I’m working on getting close with all of Konohana, cause they all seem like nice folk, and it helps with the cooking festival. I’m kinda gutted you can’t ever enter appetizers into any of them. Cos there are sooooooooo many good appetizers!! Anyway, I should get back to work. Soon be Spring. I wanna plant some tree’s too, but they take 2 seasons to grow mostly, and take up 9 squares…. maybe when I move back to Bluebell then I’ll plant some. I’m commuting to both farms everyday to water crops as it is, making the most of all the space available and making the most money I can 🙂 Like a pro farmer 🙂

Farm Life – 3 – Fall Feels

August 20, 2013

So I’ve decided which of the boys I like best ❤ For a while I was torn between the handsome florist in Bluebell, but Hiro in Konohana is just too cute. And he’s so nice.  And he’s a doctor(in training, but still!).  Only problem is that lady he lives with, Ayame I think her name is. I’m gonna have to butter her up too if I stand a chance with Hiro. She’s like a weird aunt who’s too close to her nephew…. ick. Either way. Hiro. He will be mine. I have decided.

Gonna move to Konohana at the end of the month too, finally. It’ll make getting to know Hiro that much easier, instead of having to run across the mountain EVERY DAY. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worth it, but it does knock a chunk out of the day, for collecting stuff in the forest. I still want to know where the fishing rod is at… catching tiny fish by hand is kind of tedious. I need big fish for cooking anyway. Can’t make anything decent with these piddly little midget fish. Hopefully I’ll get it soon….

Animals are all healthy too. Got 3 cows now, and 3 sheep, and 4 chickens. When the new year comes round I’ll get more, of the Jersey Cow’s maybe, better milk, and the better sheep too. But I won’t have enough room living in Konohana… since it’s more croppy there…. I’ll have to make tough decisions…

Farm Life – 2 – Summer Blues

August 18, 2013

So life is good on the farm. I’m getting on well with the town folk. Giving em stuff to keep them happy, mostly just the ones I wanna be chummy with. Like the farmers kid, the florist, Doctor guy. Been doing the cooking festivals too. Even won a few. Shocked considering I’m such a newbie, and not a great cook. But maybe no one in these towns can cook… so they’ll never know…. either way. Yay.

I’ve gotten more animals too. Got a couple of cows and sheep, and 3 chickens. I’m naming all the chicken’s with C names. Cos I’m all imaginative like that 🙂 And the cows and sheep get very cow-y and sheep-y names. Because that’s just how I roll. Easier to remember though.

Getting up so early in the morning is a bit of a faff though. Still not used to early mornings… or going to bed early. I’ve found if I don’t sleep before 5am I just pass out…. it’s weird and kind of scary… maybe I have some kind of brain tumour o___o;

Otherwise all is good on the farm. Growing some crops too, not much room too sadly, but I have my animals and products to sell. The downside of this month is I missed the window to move towns to Konohana… all because of a damn storm… I left it too late…. kind of gutted… so I’ll have to wait until next month now…. boo… till next time.

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