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Zoo Trip – With an agenda ~ (Evil jumping monkey vid added)

April 1, 2010

Usually I’ll just go to the Zoo for the sake of going to a Zoo, granted I’ve only ever been to two different Zoo’s my entire life… both situated in East Anglia… I think my little brothers been to London Zoo, but I didn’t for some reason… not sure where I was….

I love this duck. I do. It was the one stand out animal there. No clue why.

(Is it bad I wanna name the duck Denzel or Derek lol?) Anyways, yush, I had an actual reason for going. A good one. But I don’t particularly like to talk about ‘stuff’ I’m working on till its done/nearly done. Which is really helpful on the course I’ve been on, cos they make you report back/present stuff every 5 seconds pretty much… I hate presentations… scourge of the education system… I don’t plan on doing any presenting later in life, I plan to be the one sitting in a dark room doing the work lol, other people can present for me, thats what I like to think anyways…


Day out at Banham Zoo – Oh the animals!!

August 1, 2008

Today, I went to Banham Zoo with my mum, youngest brother and grandparents. I haven’t been to Banham Zoo in ages, so was pretty happy to go back. I thought I may aswell bring the camera to take lots of pretty pictures of the animals!! In the end the camera ran out of battery, but not before I managed to take over 80 pics lol. I ran out of space before we left, so I deleted some of the ones I didnt like. And to my amazement only a few of them were out of focus. Was quite chuffed with the photos really. There are some really nice ones I think. (Camera is only 4 Mega Pixels, I know thats not fantastic lol)

Now for some photos!! Many-many photos! Cause i am quite proud of some of them lol. (Beware of viewing full, they are big, I left them big in case people wanted bigger versions, very-very big, 2700 by 1700 ish)

Taken through the fence! No blurry fence at the edges! Wuu!

Taken through the fence! No blurry fence at the edges! Wuu!


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