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Wishing to be at the London Film & Comic Con this weekend…

July 19, 2009
Now, alot of men couldn't pull off the 'slightly-too-short-trousers' look, but he totally can. Check out those ankles!! :wolf whistle: lol

(This is Peter Facinelli for those who don't know)Now, alot of men couldn't pull off the 'slightly-too-short-trousers' look, but he totally can. Check out those ankles!! :wolf whistle: lol

GAWD why don’t I pay more attention to the convention circuits!!!??? This year I have so far missed out on David Morrissey(His dance to ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’ by Nancy Sinatra WITH Tennant is just bliss!!! He’s also the guy who shudda been the next Doctor after Tennant…Not this young Matt Smith guy…far too young…for my taste at any rate.. at least 30 plz!) at CollectorMania Midlands, in April, there were a fair few actors/actresses at this convention that I like, 2 from Being Human, folks from Star Wars, Indiana Jones…


Kotobukiya Michiru Yamada ~ToHeart2 Another Days~ 1/8th PVC Figure – An every-otaku review

November 23, 2008

Welcome once again to my humble photoshoot! Which I agree! Is too dark…. I tried pointing another light at them, but there arn’t many plugs in my room. And many wires are already tangled behind my workspace lol.

Today we look at the lovely specimen, Michiru Yamada, from ToHeart2 Another Days. The character is friends with Chie Yoshioka :woop woop!!:, who you will see a little later, and of course, the main protagonist of the first ToHeart2 game, Konomi Yuzuhara. Chie is still my favourite. Although megane on figures are lovely.


She’s rather moe if I do say so myself. She has nice scruffy looking hair too. And the same uniform as Chie Yoshioka. Slightly different yellow to Chie, but fairly close.


The hands don’t rest exactly on the edge of the brick wall which she’s sat on, which is a shame, but not the worst possible thing. That pose reminds me of an episode of Friends lol. One of the ones after Ross finds out about Rachael and Joey and Joey tells Rachael to say ‘I’m so sorry!’ while doing pretty much what Michiru is doing with her jublees. And as far as jublees go, they are smaller than Chie’s, but bigger than Konomi’s lol.



Michiru is not as ‘muchi’ as Chie by any means, looks more tomboyish in figure, hair etc. The jumper seems to be a slightly different plastic/finish/feel what have you. Chie’s is slightly smoother. They both have nice shading in the jumper aread though. And sleeves. I love the skirts. I do. I believe they’re clear pvc painted on the top layer. Because the under skirt looks very funky. And looks like it won’t leave paint marks when removing the skirt either. Many more pics to be seen, read on folks!


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