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Tare-Danny Tshirt Arrival!!

December 11, 2008

Today, for the 4th day running, I got another package!! I wonder if Nono will come tomorrow… doubt it… lol My brothers other dvd might come tomorrow though.

Tsuruya-san wonders what could be inside.... (Notice scrambled address lol)

Tsuruya-san wonders what could be inside.... (Notice scrambled address lol)

In this package was however, not a dvd, not a figure, not cosplay, but a tshirt! The most cutest awesomest tshirt in da world su!! Cuter than any tshirt I owned before! Designed by the lovely Chun! (Zazzle shop here!)


I went with the traditional white, I was worried the printing wouldn’t look as good on black, otherwise I would have got black lol. It’s a ‘ Basic American Apparel ‘  medium, mens, since I would have had to get an XL in womens to make it long enough…:sulk: Turns out, medium mens is still too big…. and I checked the measurements and everything lol. It’s not too-too big though. Can be worn out and not look like a pajama top lol.  More pics below….one of me modelling it too…


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Special Edition DVD Vol 1

July 30, 2008

I thought I’d that do a review-kind thing of the SE Haruhi DVD’s released in the UK recently, since at least one person asked what you got with the rest of them after I posted the pillow case you get with the 3rd volume.

The first volume, which cost me £30(£50 RRP) on I have bought the later volumes also). Usually, I would NEVER spend this much on anime DVD’s, in the UK they usually cost around £20 per volume in places like HMV and Virgin. But the allure of the Special Edition goodies was too much to resist. And I had seen what you got when it was released in American in 2006!!!! (Thats right, we’re two years behind!!! UK is always behind… France is ahead of us with Fruits Basket…then again France is ahead in lots of anime/manga-related ways. (They have manga in SUPERMARKETS!!!!)

Volume one comes in this delightful box.

Which has space for all 4 volumes AND some of the extra goodies you get.


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