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To Heart 2 Uniform GET

December 9, 2008

After an unfortunately tripping incident(near one of the numerous building sites around campus, I tripped on a very random coil of wire in the middle of the road….) I really needed a boost like this. I got back and found I got a parcel.


It was one of 3 things. My zazzle tshirt had arrived, my Nono-chan had arrived, or my ToHeart 2 uniform had come. I thought it was too early for the order from China. It was only shipped on the 1st. To my joy though, it was the uniform!!! In its custom made glory!!


Doesn’t it look awesome???? The material feels like good quality, and it fits!! Which is the MOST important thing. Thank god I got my measurements right lol Otherwise it could have been BAD….. It needs a bigger bow, it would be a fine size for a shorter girl. But since i’m so tall the same size bow looks weird… so I’ll go on the hunt for some material later on. I’m so happy! I can’t believe I have it!! It was only shipped on the 1st! 8 days and I have it!! :woop:

Now pictures of me in it… untill I get long white socks, there will be none. I should be wearing it to the ‘Otaku night at the SU if I have the guts…. lol….

Kotobukiya Kotomi Ichinose Figure Review – Kotomi-GET!!

October 15, 2008

‘The place changes and goes. Like a wind, like clouds. Like the traces of the heart, no halt to the places.’

A quote found on the back of the box. From the song ‘Ana’ off the Clannad soundtrack. I never really liked the song, but recognised the lyrics from the beginning and from one episode….

Today I got my Kotomi!! I ordered her late-late monday night, she was shipped on tuesday, and arrived today via Parcelforce!! I finally caved… I know I should be saving money for the London Expo… but I have no clue if Kotomi will be available at the Expo… And I didn’t wanna miss out on getting her. I missed out on Fuko on the site… was not gonna miss out Kotomi… And since there is only one Kotomi Ichinose review on the web that I could find, and it’s on a foreign site, that doing my own would be ok. Took loads of pictures and got a decent amount of decent ones.

Isn’t she cute??!! The photo’s on the other review didnt make her look good, too close some of them, but when you see her in real life she’s sooo cute sweeter! So much like Kotomi in the series!(Clannad for those who don’t know lol.)

Without the props.

Without the props.

Isn’t she darling?! And I’m getting better with the camera I think…. it helps that the lighting in the room was good too. Seeing her like this just makes me wanna rewatch Clannad all over again!! But I’ve got so much to watch!!

Kotomi-chan to the side.

Kotomi-chan to the side.

I hope these photos make you all go out and buy her while you still can! Because she’s totally worth getting! (More pics below here!!!)


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