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Uni Room Update + Shinki’s!!

September 24, 2008

I found my transferry-device!! And got the pictures off! :woot: This is my apartment, shortly after I’d moved in.

Posters and stuff on the bed, I was ‘decorating’ lol. The room has a slopey window, which is cool. I’m on the 5th floor. *Almost* top, because theres only one room above us…. The room looks messy, still moving stuff about, the box on the right of the desk-space is full of arty stuff, now stored in one of the draws.

The room is in fact bigger than my room at home, and its en-suite!! lol. Livin’ it up here I am. And Who’s that at the end of the corridoor?

Why its Hikari and Yoko of course!!! Two of the better Newtype USA centerfolds I aqquired. Was a bitch removing them with minimal damage. I got a Kanon centerfold above my bed. Not Makoto though…:sulks:

Theres a massive pinboard in the room, but I keep forgetting to pick up some pins in WHSmiths….gah…. the amount of freebies and leaflets you get I can fill a sizable chunk of it already lol.

Up untill last night, the girls were sitting on the table by my bed. But I decided to finally break out the box I had all the accessories in and have a little play. Strarf and Arnval are on the stands now, Arnval’s legs are so Strike Witches-esque. I love them!! I’ve grown more attached to MaoChao and Howling since I got them, I really only bought them because I didnt want to miss my only chance to get them at a decent price…

And good news!! For me at least lol. I’m gonna be able to play the Busou Shinki Battle Rondo MMO!!! I couldn’t download it here, kept timing out because it would take over 24 hours to download… it got to down to 16 hours one time… *sob* But Ashper is sending me the game! Since he could download it in 3 hours… :grump: 10mb speed is what I have now, and it’s been than the 6mb I had at home… but it still didn’t wanna download faster than like 12kb/s…. So unfair… but I’m getting it anyways!! And can’t wait to try it out!! I’ve got a decent guide, so I should be able to figure it out lol.

Sorry for the gap! ((Keep your eyes out for ep 13!!))

September 24, 2008

As some of you may already know, I’m at uni now, and I’ve been out and about a bit. Not getting drunk….cause thats a big waste-o-money and resourses that I could waste on other things, like figures!! lol.

Just thought I’d post a little something from my Busou Shinki’s to keep you coming back for more. I’ve taken more pics and some of my uni room, before and after shots etc, but I can’t find the little thing I put the memory card in to transfer them… so I’ll find that later…

My 3 newest Shinki posing on my laptop!!!

And btw, if you hadn’t realised, and I’m sure many of you have, there is an episode 13 of Strike Witches by the look of it. Since several sites have it listed with 13 episodes I think it’s fairly safe to say theres a 13th episode. So keeps your eyes out this week!! You wouldn’t wanna miss it now would you?? 😀

Buying Uni Art supplies – Aguuuu….

September 11, 2008

Was in Norwich today. Finally got all the pads and extra bits and bobs I need for my Animation Design class. 

Two A3 Sketch pads, one normal ringbound and one layout pad(like tracing paper only less see-through, I had to ask where it was lol). I got one ringbound and 3 bogstandard sketch pads, for backup. I got 2 A5 sketchbooks, one with a white cover so you can design it yourself. I got 8″ by 5″ cards for what I assume with be storyboards. They coulda just told us they were A5 lol, much easier to find. I got 2 more of my favourite pens; the Uniball Eye Micro. Dries mucho fast, love them. And you can see when they’ve almost run out cause of a window in the side of the pen! I also needed blue pencils…. I got two different blues to be safe. I got some extra sketching pencils too, 2B/4B etc. I had to get a stopwatch too, timing for animation and whatnot I’m guessing. Also got a new Stadtler rubber, my old one which I carry everywere is severely depleted compared to the new one…. I didn’t realise how small it had gotten… Also got some whitetack, for posters and stuff in my room, a mini stapler, and a 2gb USB memory stick. Me and a friend have decided to send USB sticks back and forth to give each other the latest stuff we’ve downloaded. We’re only an hour and a half away from each other anyways as it is.

I think thats it…. I paid for £30 worth of the stuff bought. But I offered too… :sigh: Like a good girl…. because my parents are already forking out god-knows how much for uni as it is. And I still have plenty in my account to take care of my preorders. So all is well. And on a side note, Denno Coil is still as awesome as ever!! I’m up to episode 19, it’s amazing I’ve stuck to my rules and am only watching one episode a day, before I go to bed…. remarkable how good my self control is for once! 😀 Getting pretty weird though…

Hope you liked the arty girl pic I found for this post! High res 1.7mb version can be found here at Moe Imouto.

I got into DMU!!!!

August 14, 2008

Just a gleesful post really!! Not that anyone from outside of the uk knows what DMU(DeMontford University in Leicester) is lol. Unless your an international student come there!! In which case I might see you there!!!!

Google it if you wanna know what DMU has to offer n stuff. Can’t be arsed to post links right now, Girlmore Girls almost on, then I have to go pick up my A Level results!!! (ACK)

Cy’all later!!

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