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Pokemon Soul Silver – MADE OF WIN

March 27, 2010

Got the game yesterday. Around this time, didn’t get to start playing till bout 1pm-ish… But I’ve racked up over 10 hours playtime already. In less than 24 hours. I should know better…..but its Pokemon… and I am so effing excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May post pictures of the box & wotnot and the giant Pokewalker manual(its adorable!!!!!!!) but odds are I won’t stop playing Pokemon for at least a week.

I may post updates on my team, levels, whereabouts in Johto/Kanto I am, but other than that, I’m not sure what I can promise right now… as it took alot of willpower to put it down this morning to have breakfast and get dressed lol. No wonder I only got 5 hours sleep….lol

Its just a green blob with legs & some decoration... why is it so cute?!?

As I’m here atm, might aswell post which starter I picked, Chikorita ofc, only picked Totodile for Crystal cos I’d picked Chikorita for Silver before haha. But she’s too cute to pass up. And YAY that she was female 1st time, no restarting to get a different gender lol. Ofc now I don’t have the heart to evolve her… she’s level 21 already and I just don’t wanna… if you can have a level 100 Pikachu, why not a Chikorita lol? Obv not as strong… but still… And I know which I’m picking out of Espeon & Umbreon. I seem to be reverting to my original choices from Silver, as Espeon is my pick. Good really cos I know two people going with Umbreon. BUT I am trying to go with a different team. Instead of the usual Pidgey, I went with Spearow, whether or not Terra will stick will remain to be determined, but she’s strong so far :). Got my Gastly too. Right, back to playing now :DDD

Oh, before I go quickly, how freakin’ adorable are THESE?!!??

I WANT. But I'm perfectly capable of making my own really...

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