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Quality Comparison – AVI vs RMVB

July 17, 2008
Comparison of Air TV files

Comparison of Air TV files

Sometimes when I just wanna see the series quickly, I will go with RMVB files, even though the quality is obviously much worse. If there are smaller MKV files available, I will go with them, but in Air TV’s case there weren’t any. I downloaded the last(proper) episode, 12, in AVI format just to see how much better the quality is. Same size, but so much more pixelation in the RMVB files. I usually got with AVI’s cos I know them, I’ve had less dealings with H264 files. Xvids are for me!!! I get me the best quality files if its a series I know I’ll love. 

(I know they’re not in exactly the same place, but its about the same and you can definately see the difference.

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