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1/144 Blaze Zaku Phantom

October 3, 2009

Now this kit isn’t nearly as posable as the others I have. Its an Ungraded Low Articulation. Didn’t realise just how low lol, but he’s still gorgeous now he’s (almost) finished. Almost because I’m pondering whether or not to paint the back thruster/missile launcher bits the right greys. He looks awesome as it, with the grey/black backpack and white thruster bits with some black marker for the panel lines. The trickiest bit for him was the piping around his waste. Doing detail that small is o fun with a gundam paint marker, specially as it spreads. I need one of those gundam-marker-remover-pens really lol. Will look into it sometime.

As you can see. It’s another Zaku. Continuing my trend of NO GUNDAM lol.


Many more pics  below the cut! I keep forgetting to put this in… whats wrong with me? Bah….


Tamiya Gets

September 6, 2009


I went to a hobby shop situated right in the middle of Snetterton Market, Snetterton Park Model Shop. Its bloody huge! I wandered around for a bit before I found the stuff I wanted, was just to the left round the corner of the entrance. LOTS of Tamiya stuff, had every Tamiya Weathering set available! They had Tamiya sandpaper stuff too, I think it might be for use when wet… since its all in Japanese I can’t tell lol. The can of varnish I got yesterday, its matt finish and meant for plastic modelling, so it should be fine, but I’ll test it on a something to be sure.

Pricewise the weathering stuff was more expensive than it was on ebay or other places, but since I didn’t have to wait for shipping, its better, and worth the money. The varnish was £4-something, I still need the Tamiya Polishing Compound, BUT I found out thats illegal in Europe lol, apparantly we’re the only country thats stopped selling it though, rest of Europe still does. The UK’s such a goody-two-shoes…. Can still import though, not the end of the world.

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