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Harvest Moon Island of Happiness – Guide Book GET

February 11, 2009


My HM Island of Happiness(IOH) guide came today. I’ve always wanted a guide that had all the recipe’s, likes and dislikes of characters, and everything else, since there is sooo much to remember in these games.


Strike Witches ep 3 – Lonely no more Review

July 18, 2008

 It’s what we’ve been waiting for! The 3rd dose of magical*-mecha-neko-loli-pantsu fighters! But really, there is more to the show than gratuitous amounts of fanservice, I promise!!! Otherwise I wouldn’t watched, I’ve said this before!! Todays episode once again, did not disappoint. It introduced a new character called Lynette, who I think looks quite like Karen-san from Sky Girls. It might just be me lol. (*Thank you Dingsan lol)


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